4 August in Indian and World History is celebrated, observed, and remembered for various reasons. 4 August is the birth anniversary of Rana Udai Singh, Firozeshah Mehta, and Kishore Kumar.

4 August is also observed as the death anniversary of Kashi Prasad Jaiswal, and Nandini Satpathy.

Birth Anniversary
4 August in Indian history is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the following personalities:

Rana Udai Singh (4 August 1522 – 28 February 1572) was the son of Rana Sanga of Mewar and the father of Rana Pratap. He was born after the death of his father. History is famous for making Humayun a Rakhiband brother by his mother Karnavati. Many supernatural stories of their protection have been told in the stories of Mewar. Udai Singh became the Rana of Mewar in 1537 AD and a few days later, Akbar attacked Chittor, the capital of Mewar. After the death of thousands of Mewaris, when it was felt that Chittorgarh would no longer survive, then Jaimal and Patta, etc left him in the hands of Veera and went to the dense forests of Aravalli. There he built a lake named Udaysagar to stop the floods of the river. At the same time, Udai Singh established his new capital Udaipur. He was Born on 4 August 1522 in India.

Firozeshah Mehta (4 August 1845 – 5 November 1915) was an Indian politician, architect of the Bombay Municipal Constitution (Charter), and the founder (1913) of the English-language newspaper Bombay Chronicle. In 1904 he was awarded the title of ‘Knight’. He realized the need for reform of local governance and drafted the ‘Municipality Act’ of 1872, due to which he came to be known as the ‘Father of Bombay Local Government’. He was appointed its commissioner in 1873 and also served as its president in 1884-85 and 1905. While a member of the Bombay Legislative Council from 1886, he was elected to the Supreme Legislative Council of the Governor-General in 1893. In 1890 he presided over the sixth session of the Indian National Congress. After a brief visit to England in 1910, he was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bombay. In 1911 he contributed to the establishment of the Central Bank of India, which was funded and controlled by Indians. He was born on 4 August 1845 in India.

Kishore Kumar (4 August 1929 – 13 October 1987) was a famous playback singer in Indian cinema. He is also known as a good actor. In the Hindi film industry, he sang in several Indian languages ​​including Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Oriya, and Urdu. He won 8 Filmfare Awards for Best Playback Singer and holds the record for winning the most Filmfare Awards in that category. Kishore Kumar started his struggle in the golden age of Indian cinema when his brother Ashok Kumar established himself as a successful star. The playback singing was dominated by veteran singers like Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, Talat Mehmood, and Manna Dey, along with artists like Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Balraj Sahni, Guru Dutt, and Rahman. The two came together in the film “Jhumru” made in 1961. The film was produced by Kishore Kumar and he himself directed it. After this, the two worked together in the 1962 film “Half Ticket“, in which Kishore Kumar presented a different image by performing a memorable comedy. Kumar was born on 4 August 1929 in Madhya Pradesh India.

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Death Anniversary

4 August in Indian history is observed as the death anniversary of the following personalities:

Kashi Prasad Jaiswal (27 November 1881 – 4 August 1937) was a famous historian of India. He was an internationally renowned scholar of history and archaeology. Kashi Prasad Jaiswal also became the deputy minister of ‘Kashi Nagri Pracharini Sabha‘. He also edited the papers ‘Bihar Research General’ and ‘Pataliputra’. He had an important contribution to the establishment of ‘The Patna Museum’. Many conferences on history and currency were presided over by Kashi Prasad Ji. He decided to practice law and started advocacy in Kolkata in 1911. A few years later, in 1914, he came to the ‘Patna High Court’ and then started practising law here. He died on 4 August 1937.

Nandini Satpathy (9 June 1931 – 4 August 2006) was an Indian woman politician and writer. She was the Chief Minister of the state of Orissa from June 1972 to December 1976. Nandini’s uncle Bhagwati Charan Panigrahi founded the Orissa branch of the Communist Party of India. Nandini Ji was married to Devendra Satpathy. She was the mother of Suparno Satpathy and Tathagata Satpathy. Nandini Satpathy was associated with India’s main political party ‘Indian National Congress.  Nandini Satpathy’s name is taken among the famous women politicians of the country. She was the Chief Minister of the state of Orissa from 14 June 1972 to 16 December 1976. She died on 4 August 2006.

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Notable events on 4 August in Indian and World History

4 August 1859 – Knut Hamsun, a Norwegian writer, and Nobel Prize Laureate was born.

4 August 1834 – John Venn – an English mathematician, logician and philosopher noted for introducing Venn diagrams – was born.

4 August 1854 – Maria Zankovetska – a Ukrainian theater actress – was born.

4 August 1875  Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish author, died.

 4 August 1897 – Anbara Salam Khalidi – a Lebanese feminist, translator, and author – was born.

4 August 1907 – Altina Schinasi – an American sculptor, filmmaker, actress, entrepreneur, window dresser, designer, and inventor – was born.

 4 August 1908 – Bahiga Hafez – an Egyptian screenwriter, composer, director, editor, producer and actress – was born.

4 August 1909 – Roberto Burle Marx – a Brazilian landscape architect – was born.

4 August 1914 – Willy De Bruyn – a Belgian cyclist, who became unofficial women’s world champion in 1934– was born.

4 August 1935 – The Government of India Act got the assent of the Queen.

4 August 1956 – India’s first nuclear research reactor was commissioned in Apsara.

4 August 1961 – Barack Obama, an American politician, and Nobel Prize Laureate, was born.

4 August 1961 – Pumpuang Duangjan – a Thai megastar – was born.

4 August 1967 – The world’s longest Nagarjuna Sagar Dam was constructed.

4 August 1967 – The US conducted a nuclear test in Nevada on this day.

4 August 1977 – Edgar Adrian, a prominent British, and Nobel Prize Laureate, died.

4 August 2003 – Frederick Chapman Robbins, an American pediatrician, and Nobel Prize Laureate, died.

4 August 2004 – NASA named the Altix supercomputer KC as ‘Kalpana Chawla’.

4 August 2007 – NASA launched an American spacecraft named Phoenix Mars Lander to explore Mars.

4 August 2008 – The government conferred Navratna status to the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI).

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is observed every year on 4 August.



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