What is Today?

Celebrating life and legacy of Gao Xingjian

Gao Xingjian is a Chinese-born French writer, playwright, and artist. Life and

Celebrating life and legacy of Rigoberta Menchu

Rigoberta Menchu is a K'iche' Maya woman from Guatemala who gained international

Manuel Ponce: A Mexican Maestro’s Journey in Classical Music

Manuel María Ponce (December 8, 1882 – April 24, 1948) was a

Akiko Yosano: Journey Through Poetry and Feminism

Akiko Yosano (December 7, 1878 – May 29, 1942) stands as a

Abdulhussain Abdulredha: Pioneering Kuwaiti Actor’s Journey Through Arts and Culture

Abdulhussain Abdulredha (December 5, 1939 – August 11, 2017) was a prolific

Lina Bo Bardi: Architectural Visionary Shaping Modern Brazil

Lina Bo Bardi (December 5, 1914 – March 29, 1992) was an

Edith Cavell: A Heroic Nurse’s Sacrifice for Humanity

Edith Cavell (December 4, 1865 – October 12, 1915) was a British

Dewi Sartika: A Trailblazer in Indonesian Education

Dewi Sartika (December 4, 1884 – September 11, 1947) was a pioneering

4 December in Indian and World History

4 December in Indian and World History is celebrated, observed, and remembered

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