28 April in Indian and World History

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28 April in Indian and World History is celebrated, observed, and remembered for various reasons. 28 April is the birth anniversary of Anupriya Patel, Samir Ranjan Barman, and Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa.

28 April is also observed as the death anniversary of Vinayak Krishna Gokak, Farrukhsiyar, and Thrissur Vengaram Sundaram Iyengar.

Birth Anniversary

28 April is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the following personality:

Anupriya Patel is a member of the seventeenth Lok Sabha of India. She is the youngest minister in the Narendra Modi government. He was made the ‘Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare’. On 7 July 2021, after the expansion and reshuffle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet, Anupriya Patel has been given the responsibility of ‘Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce’. Earlier in 2012, Anupriya Patel was elected MLA from the Rohaniya assembly seat which comes under Varanasi parliamentary constituency. She was born on 28 April 1981 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.


Samir Ranjan Barman was an Indian National Congress politician. He was the former seventh Chief Minister of Tripura. Sameer Ranjan Barman was the Chief Minister of Tripura from 19 February 1992 to 10 March 1993. He was born on 28 April 1940.

Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa (28 April 1791 – 30 April 1837), was the army chief of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The one person who was most feared in the minds of Pathans and Afghans, from Peshawar to Kabul. The name of that personality was General Hari Singh Nalwa. Hari Singh Nalwa, the biggest general of the Sikh army, conquered Kashmir and got his iron convinced. Not only this, he also won Kabul by offering an army. Freed the country from Islamic invasions from Khyber Pass. He was born on 28 April 1791 in Gujranwala, Punjab.

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Death Anniversary

28 April is also observed as the death anniversary of the following personality:

Vinayak Krishna Gokak (9 August 1909 – 28 April 1992) is counted among the prominent Kannada language writers honored with the ‘Jnanpith Award’. Dr. Vianak Krishna Gokak has no doubt a special place in ‘Kannada literature’. His active career of more than half a century as a poet, novelist, critic, dramatist, and essayist began in 1934 when his first collection of poems ‘Kalopasak’ was published. He died on 28 April 1992.

Farrukhsiyar (20 August 1685 – 28 April 1719) was the son of Azimushshan of the Mughal dynasty. With the help of Sayyid brothers Abdullah Khan and Hussain Ali Khan, Farrukhsiyar ascended the Mughal throne on 11 January 1713. He died on 28 April 1719.

Thrissur Vengaram Sundaram Iyengar (22 March 1877 – 28 April 1955) was an Indian industrialist and leading entrepreneur in the automobile sector. In the 1930s, when a motor ride was a rare dream, T.V. Sundaram Iyengar started a bus service in the rural area of Madurai. He established a bus company named ‘TV Sundaram Iyengar & Sons in the year 1911, which later developed into automobile manufacturing. This group went ahead and became the ‘TVS Group’. Today ‘TVS Group’ is one of the largest business and industrial houses in India. He died on 28 April 1955.


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Notable events on 28 April in Indian and World History

28 April 1838 – Tobias Michael Carel Asser, a Dutch lawyer, legal scholar, and Nobel Prize Laureate, was born.

28 April 1941 – Karl Barry Sharpless, an American chemist, and Nobel Prize Laureate was born.

28 April 1945 – Dictator Mussolini and his wife (mistress) were shot dead by Italian patriotic soldiers.

28 April 1954 –  Leon Jouhaux, a French trade unionist, activist, and Nobel Prize Laureate, died.

28 April 1999 –  Arthur Leonard Schawlow, an American physicist, and Nobel Prize Laureate died.

28 April 1999 – Announcement by American scientist Dr. Richard Seid to make human clone within a year, Chornobyl virus stalled thousands of computers worldwide.

28 April 2001 – The first space tourist Tennis Tito left for the space station.

28 April 2002 – The Booker Prize has been renamed the ‘Man Booker Prize for Fiction’, and the Supreme Court of Pakistan legalized the referendum of President Pervez Musharraf.

28 April 2004 – Thabombeki was sworn in as the President of South Africa. At least 122 people have died in an attack on a police post in Thailand.

28 April 2008 – Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) created a new history by launching 10 satellites in one go with PSLV-C9.

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