During the month of May 2023, originating freight loading of 134 MT has been achieved against loading of 131.50 MT in May 2022, which is an improvement of approx 2% over the last year. Freight revenue of Rs. 14641.83 crore have been achieved in May 2023 against Rs 14083.86 crore freight earnings in May 2022, thereby an improvement of about 4% over last year.

On cumulative basis from April – May 2023, freight loading of 260.28 MT was achieved against last year loading of 253.48 MT, an improvement of approximate 3% over last year loading. Railways have earned Rs 28512.46 crore against Rs 27066.42 crore over the last year which is an improvement of approx 5% as compared to the same period of the last year.

IR has achieved freight loading of 65.89 MT in Coal, followed by 15.23 MT in Iron Ore, 13.20 MT in cement, 10.96 MT in Balance other goods, 6.79 MT in containers, 4.89 MT in Fertilizer, 4.85 MT in Food grains and 4.23 MT in mineral oil in May’2023.

Following the Mantra, “Hungry For Cargo”, IR has made sustained efforts to improve the ease of doing business as well as improve the service delivery at competitive prices. The customer centric approach and work of Business Development Units backed up by agile policy making helped Railways towards this significant achievement.


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