10 October in Indian and World History is celebrated, observed, and remembered for various reasons. 10 October is the birth anniversary of Shripad Amrit Dange, Kota Shivaram Karanth, Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayanaswamy, Balbir Singh, and Rekha Ganeshan.

10 October is also observed as the death anniversary of Ruby Meyers, and Jagjit Singh.

Birth Anniversary

10 October in Indian history is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the following personalities:

Shripad Amrit Dange (10 October 1899 – 22 May 1991) has a very important place among the early communist leaders of India. Shripad Amrit Dange was one of the founding members of the Communist Party of India. Shripad Amrit Dange was a resident of Bombay, Maharashtra and he started publishing a newspaper called ‘The Socialist’ to spread socialist ideas in India. He awakened the consciousness among the workers and encouraged them to fight for their interests. Shripad Amrit Dange was elected a member of the second and fourth Lok Sabha. Dange was also included in the 4 socialist leaders who were prosecuted under the Kanpur Conspiracy Case. Under this, he was given a sentence of 4 years. He also wrote a book titled ‘Gandhi and Lenin’, in which a comparative analysis of these two leaders and their views is done. He was born on 10 October 1899.

Kota Shivaram Karanth (10 October 1902 – 9 December 1997), a noted litterateur of the Kannada language. On the strength of his knowledge of art, he dared to enter into the interior of Yakshagana. The contribution of Shivram Karanth in the field of art is considered important. He had realized very early with his sharp eyes what were the shortcomings and defects in the present education system and then as soon as the opportunity came, he himself devoted himself to writing textbooks, preparing dictionaries and encyclopedias to give practical shape to his idea. He was born on 10 October 1902 in Kota, Karnataka

Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayanaswamy (10 October 1906 – 13 May 2001), a famous English writer. He is regarded as one of the three greatest novelists among Indian writers of English literature. His name along with Mulkraj Anand and Raja Rao is known as ‘Brihatrayi’ in the early period of Indian English writing. Adopting novel and story R.K. Narayan has set a creative record through his serious realism, expressing the story of human rise and fall in various levels and forms. His first novel ‘Swami and his friends’ was published in 1935. The novel contains a very entertaining description of Swaminathan, a schoolboy and the title of the novel Swami is an abbreviation of his name. He was born on 10 October in Madras (present-day Chennai).

Balbir Singh (10 October 1924 – 25 May 2020), one of the famous hockey players of India. Hockey player Balbir Singh’s name is still taken among the top players. He has been considered one of the best players since his playing days. Even today, he is admired not only in India but also in the world. Such goals were produced from his hockey, which were not answered. He won the gold medal in the Olympics three times – in 1948, 1952 and 1956. He was also the Director of Sports in the Government of Punjab. An indoor stadium in Moga is named after him. Balbir Singh was awarded the Padma Shri in 1957. He was born on 10 October 1924.

Rekha Ganeshan a well-known actress of Hindi films. Known for her versatility and the best actress in Hindi films, Rekha started her career as a child artist in 1966 with the Telugu film ‘Rangula Ratlam’. She got many awards in her career including Padma Shri, Filmfare Best Actress (twice), National Film Award for Best Actress and many more. Rekha was born on 10 October 1954 in Tamil Nadu.

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Death Anniversary

10 October in Indian history is observed as the death anniversary of the following personalities:

Ruby Meyers (1907 – 10 October 1983), one of the most popular actresses of the 1930s. Sulochana was the top actress of the Indian film industry in the 1930s. She started with the era of silent films, but even in the beginning of the era of spoken films, her coin went well on the film industry. She was awarded the ‘Dada Saheb Phalke Award’ in 1973 for his special contribution to Hindi cinema. Meyers died on 10 October 1983.

Jagjit Singh (8 February 1941 – 10 October 2011), the Ghazal King born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. During early childhood, his name was Jagmohan Singh Dhiman. He gained enormous popularity on stage and credited for the revival of ghazal in Indian classical art form. Jagjit Singh died on 10 October 2011.

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Notable events on 10 October in Indian and World history

10 October 1756 – British Governor General Robert Clive traveled from Madras to recapture Calcutta.

10 October 1846 – British astronomer William LaSalle discovered the natural satellite of Neptune.

10 October 1910 – The first All India Hindi Conference was organized in Varanasi under the chairmanship of Madan Mohan Malviya.

10 October 1924 – The Alpha Delta Gamma Fraternity was founded on the Lake Shore campus of Loyola University in Chicago.

10 October 1942 – The Soviet Union began its diplomatic relations with Australia.

10 October 1944 – During the Second World War 800 Gypsy children were executed in the Holocaust.

10 October 1861 Fridtjof Nansen, was a Norwegian polymath. In 1922, Fridtjof Nansen was awarded the Nobel Prize .

10 October 1964 – Summer in Tokyo was telecast live for the first time on Doordarshan.

10 October 1971 – The London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA, was renovated. It was bought from Britain and brought to America after breaking it.

10 October 1978 – Rohini Khadilkar became the first woman to win the National Chess Championship.

10 October 1990 – Discovery 11, America’s 67th manned space mission, returned from space.

10 October 1991 – India won the team title of the World Carrom Competition.

10 October 1992 – The second Hooghly bridge ‘Vidyasagar Setu’ opened.

10 October 1999 – the Commonwealth Games were announced in Melbourne to be held.

10 October 2001 – Khaleda Zia was sworn in as Prime Minister of Bangladesh in 2001.

10 October 2003 – India signed an agreement with Israel Russia for the manufacture of AVACS.

10 October 2005 – Angela Merkel became the first female chancellor of Germany.

10 October 2008 – The shares of ICICI Bank, the largest private sector bank, recorded a huge fall.

10 October 2014 – The Nobel Prize for India’s Kailash Satyarthi was announced.

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