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Janusz Korczak Quote

Janusz Korczak, (22 July 1878 or 1879 – 7 August 1942) was a Polish Jewish educator, children’s author and pedagogue known as Pan Doktor (“Mr. Doctor”) or Stary Doktor (“Old Doctor”). After spending many years working as a principal of an orphanage in Warsaw, he refused sanctuary repeatedly and stayed with his orphans when the entire population of the institution was sent from the ghetto to the Treblinka extermination camp during the Grossaktion Warschau of 1942.

Famous Janusz Korczak Quotes

Dare to dream… something will always come of it.
A hundred children, a hundred individuals who are people–not people-to-be, not people of tomorrow, but people now, right now–today.
Each person carries an entire world within himself, and everything exists twice: once the way it is, the other the way he perceives it with his own eyes and feelings.
I am a butterfly drunk with life. I don’t know where to soar, but I won’t allow life to clip my beautiful wings.
Whatever has been achieved through pressure and violence is unstable, unreliable and incorrect.
My greatest fault is that I am no longer a child.
Don’t try to become a teacher overnight with psychological bookkeeping in your heart and educational theory in your head.
You will go on blundering, for only he who does nothing avoids errors.
The soul of a child is as complicated and full of contradictions as our soul is.
Take a look at the world and laugh.
If you are watching fanatically over the morality of your children you may yourself be not completely in order.
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