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National Thai Elephant Day is celebrated in Thailand on 13 March every year to raise awareness about the importance of elephants in Thai culture and to promote their conservation. It is also known as Wan Chang Thai.


Established by the government in 1988, Thailand’s National Elephant Day is celebrated every year on March 13th. To honor the animal and its relationship with the Thai people, the holiday aims to raise awareness of elephant conservation and protection. Common activities include elephant buffets and traditional blessing ceremonies.

National Elephant Day was proposed to be on 13 March of every year because it’s the day that the white elephant was chosen to be the “National Animal and Symbol of Thailand.”

Since the Kingdom’s early days, elephants have been regarded as loyal companions to the Thai people. Due to their immense strength and endurance, elephants were also used as mounts in times of war. In fact, one of Thailand’s most famous legends is that of King Naresuan’s elephant duel, which inspired the animated movie “Khan Kluay” or “The Blue Elephant.”

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Albino elephants or chang phueak were not only considered the monarch’s loyal companion but also a sacred symbol of royalty. The white elephant has featured on several previous national flags of Thailand as well as the current official seal of Bangkok.


Elephants have played a significant role in Thai history and culture for centuries. They were used as transportation and agriculture, and they were also trained for war. In addition, elephants have been a part of religious ceremonies and cultural festivals in Thailand for many years.

However, in recent years, the number of elephants in Thailand has declined due to habitat loss, poaching, and other factors. National Thai Elephant Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of preserving these magnificent animals and their habitats.

On National Thai Elephant Day, various activities and events are organized across the country to celebrate elephants and promote their conservation. These include elephant shows, parades, and educational programs for the public.

National Thai Elephant Day also provides an opportunity for the Thai government and other organizations to highlight their efforts to protect elephants and their habitats. These efforts include initiatives to reduce human-elephant conflicts, promote responsible elephant tourism, and support research on elephant behavior and biology.

Overall, National Thai Elephant Day is an important occasion to celebrate the cultural and ecological significance of elephants in Thailand and to promote their conservation for future generations.

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