Author: Vimal Kumar

Khasi Society: India’s largest Matrilineal Society

Among all mysteries, in the northeastern part of India, Meghalaya is home of India’s largest surviving matrilineal society. It is home of Khasi, Pnar/Jaintia, and Garo community. Their homeland is hilly tracks in districts of Khasi and Jaintia Hills. The term “Khasi” means born of the mother. “Kha” means “born” and “si” refers to “ancient mother”.

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Matrilineal Societies of India

These communities are the Mosuo of China, the Picti of Scotland, the Basques of Spain and France; the Ainu of Japan, Akwamu and Fante of Ghana. In India, there are numerous matrilineal societies still exist.  They are Khasi, Pnar/Jaintia, Garo in Meghalaya state and by the traditional Nayar in the Kerala state of India. 

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