28 July in Indian and World History is celebrated, observed, and remembered for various reasons. 28 July is the birth anniversary of Rameshwar Thakur, Anil Janvijay, Suvigya Sharma, and Kasu Brahmananda Reddy.

28 July is also observed as the death anniversary of Charu Majumdar, Mahasweta Devi, and Inder Kumar.

Birth Anniversary

28 July in Indian history is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the following personalities:

Rameshwar Thakur was the senior leader of the Indian National Congress. He has worked in important positions in many prestigious institutions of the country. Rameshwar Thakur has also held the post of Governor in many states of India. He was the Governor of Orissa from 2004 to 2006, Andhra Pradesh from 2006 to 2007, Karnataka from 2007 to 2009, and Madhya Pradesh from 2009 to 2011. Rameshwar Thakur was always involved in works like the upliftment of education, social service, and rural development. He also did a lot of work for the welfare of tribals, Harijans, and other socially backward classes. He was arrested during the ‘Quit India Movement (1942) and kept in the Central Jail in Kolkata. He was Born on 28 July 1927 in Jharkhand India.

Anil Janvijay is a prominent Hindi poet, writer, and literary translator of Russian and English languages. He holds a B.Com from Delhi University and an M.A. in Creative Literature from the Gorky Literary Institute, Moscow. Currently, he is teaching Hindi literature at Moscow University and looking after the Hindi desk of Radio Russia. The multilingual writer with a deep understanding of Russian and English literature not only writes fine poems, stories, articles, memoirs, etc. brings it into his life as well. He was Born on 28 July 1957 in Uttar Pradesh.

Suvigya Sharma, an Indian artist, painter, and entrepreneur, is known for his miniatures, Tanjore paintings, fresco work, and live paintings. He is credited with numerous renovation and fresco painting projects including India’s famous architectural heritage sites such as the City Palace and Jama Masjid in Jaipur. He has been honoured with the prestigious Bharat Gaurav Award in 2012. His works of art occupy a coveted place in the private collections of many of India’s famous houses, such as the Bajaj, Birla and Singhania, Ambanis, Piramals, Mittals, and Burmans. He is the only artist to develop and promote the legacy of miniature art in India. Sharma was Born on 28 July 1983 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy (28 July 1909 – 20 May 1994) was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh from 29 February 1964 to 30 September 1971. On 3 June 1977, he was elected president of the Indian National Congress. Reddy is credited with creating the Industrial infrastructure in and around Hyderabad. During his long regime of seven years (longest for any Congress chief minister in the state of Andhra Pradesh), The famous Chiran Palace was named after Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, in his honour. He was Born on 28 July 1909 in Andhra Pradesh.


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Death Anniversary

28 July in Indian history is observed as the death anniversary of the following personalities:

Charu Majumdar (23 October 1918 – 28 July 1972) was the leader of the Communist Party of India in the small village of Naxalbari in West Bengal and started a Naxalite movement against power in 1967. Charu Mazumdar founded the All-India Coordination of Communist Revolutionaries and then formed the Marxist Party of India and became its party’s general secretary. On 16 July 1972, Majumdar was arrested and so tortured by the police that he died on 28 July 1972 in Alipore Jail, Kolkata.

Mahasweta Devi (14 January 1926 – 28 July 2016) was an Indian social activist and writer. She enriched literature with novels and stories through very sensitive and ideological writings in the Bengali language. Along with her writing work, Mahasweta Devi always actively participated in social service and was engaged in it wholeheartedly. She was awarded the ‘Jnanpith Award‘ in 1996. Mahasweta Ji started writing at an early age and made significant contributions to short stories for various literary magazines. She died on 28 July 2016.

Inder Kumar (26 August 1972 – 28 July 2017) was a famous supporting actor in Indian Hindi cinema. He acted in more than 20 Bollywood films. Indra Kumar made his film debut in 1996 with the film ‘Masoom‘. He worked with actor Salman Khan in successful films like ‘Tumko Na Bhool Payenge‘ and ‘Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaye‘. His last film was ‘Who is the first wife of my father’ in 2017. Indra Kumar was highly appreciated for his role in Salman Khan’s popular film ‘Wanted’. Inder Kumar died of a heart attack in the early hours of 28 July 2017. He was found unconscious in the morning at his house in the Andheri area of ​​Mumbai. He was 43 years old. He had suffered a heart attack at 2 am at his residence in Andheri. At the time of death, he was working on the comic film ‘Phati Padi Hai Yaar‘. He died on 28 July 2017.

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Notable events on 28 July in Indian and World History

28 July 1858 – The fingerprint was first used for identification by Sir William James Herschel of the Indian Administrative Service.

28 July 1914 – World War I started on this day on this day.

28 July 1925 -World Hepatitis Day is observed on this day.

28 July 1930 – Allvar Gullstrand, a Swedish ophthalmologist, and Nobel Prize Laureate, died.

28 July 1968 – Launch of Ranger 7 towards the Moon sent 4308 photos.

28 July 1983 – NASA launched the commercial communications satellite Telstar-3A.

28 July 2001 – Former Pakistan Foreign Minister Mohammad Siddiqui Khan Kanju was assassinated.

28 July 2005 – Claimed to have discovered the tenth planet of the solar system.

28 July 2007 – The Pakistani government announced the indefinite closure of the controversial Lal Masjid.

28 July 2008 – India’s External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee leaves for Tehran to attend the ministerial meeting of non-aligned countries.

28 July 2014 – The United Nations Security Council called an emergency meeting for an immediate and indefinite ceasefire on humanitarian grounds between Israel and Hamas.

28 July is observed as annually World Hepatitis Day to spread awareness about hepatitis and encourage people to early diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of hepatitis. Hepatitis is a group of infectious diseases known as hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. Hepatitis is a contagious disease, but this does not mean that it is spread by mere touch. Therefore, there is no need to keep any member of the family apart from this disease at all.






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