Image Courtesy: YouTube/President of India

Today (December 9, 2022), the President of India graced and addressed the 3rd convocation of Doon University in Dehradun.

 Speaking on the occasion, the President said that the progress of any country depends on the quality of its human resource. The quality of human resources depends on the quality of education. She urged Doon University to work towards creating quality human resources, following the motto ‘today’s youth is tomorrow’s future.

The President noted that Doon University is the only institution in the state where students are taught five foreign languages – Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, and French. Students can also study here three local languages – Garhwali, Kumaoni, and Jaunsari. She said that encouraging the study of local languages is a commendable step in preserving our folk culture. Folk languages are the intangible heritage of our culture. This initiative should be taken by the university.

The President noted that the Center for Public Policy Chair has been set up in Doon University in collaboration with NTPC which is dedicated to policymaking and capacity-building for the development of the State. Dr. Nityananda Himalayan Research and Studies Center has also been established for research and study of various subjects related to the geographical, ecological, economic, and social development of the state. The University deserves praise for these initiatives.

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The President said that research and innovation should be encouraged in educational institutions so that students could be more equipped with technical skills and provide employment to others. This is instead of seeking employment for them.

Pointing to the fact that in today’s convocation girls got 23 gold medals out of 36 and 8 Ph.D. degrees out of 16, the President said that this proves that there are adequate opportunities for the education of women at Doon University, and it is committed to encouraging girls. She said that, in her opinion, when girls excel more in subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), the process of women empowerment would be further strengthened. They would have many opportunities to build careers based on excellence in STEM.

As the President addressed the graduates, he said that their responsibilities have increased further after receiving a degree. She advised them to work sincerely and to the full extent of their ability in whatever field they go. She said that only then would education be meaningful, and they would be able to benefit society and the country with their knowledge. She said that in the era of constant and rapid change, India is moving towards the goal of Atmanirbhar and for this country needs their commitment and dedication towards nation-building. She expressed confidence that they would fulfil this national expectation with full dedication in the coming times.

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