Dear Pradhanmantri, Shri Narendra Modi Jee,

Thank you for taking a short break for the first time in almost two decades. Hope, you enjoyed your time with Shri Bear Grylls. I am sure you must be rejuvenated. It was also a truly pleasant experience watching and knowing you–what do you think about us.  Your utmost care towards nature helped to bridge the gap between human and wild. Your passionate thoughts have also encouraged me to say what I was keeping inside my heart for almost a year. You made me believe that I will be heard and responded as well.

I was disappointed that you are also, not at all, concerned about animals whether wild or domesticated. I have repeatedly heard that you speaking “sava sau crore deshwasiyon” without any hint of contribution received mutually or forcefully from the animals living on the soil of India. Seeing this repeatedly, I never thought it was worthy of writing to you. It was of no use. However, my understanding has changed after watching the Man vs. Wild which was aired a couple of weeks before. My hope is resuscitated and believe that you will firmly stand with the idea of “sabka sath sabka vikas and sabka vishwas“.

Though, little thought about the name of the series itself.  When I heard the name, my intuition started questioning my own gut-feeling. Why the name is causing an intoxicating feeling of competition with man, sorry Man.  Is it based on sheer boastfulness about the existence of Man? Why not female vs. wild? Does that mean–female means no wildness and forget about competition with a beast. May I suggest a name, Modi Jee? How about humans with the wild? Will that make the theme of animal conservation more appropriate? Anyway, let’s not get entangled in the murky web of the words. I was also extremely afraid to see you holding a dagger. You made it efficiently and effectively! What was the purpose of it? Obviously, to kill someone, right, Modi Jee? You came to our home as a guest and with a dagger. don’t you think it will threaten your hosts? We are also from India where we treat our guests with trust, respect, and dignity as the essence of Atithi Devo Bhava.

Modi Jee, see! Despite being with humans for even a short period of time, I have got the ugly habit of being distracted. I even forget to mention why I am munching your time. In short, I am writing to know more about my family, especially my mother. I have not seen her for almost a year. She was a mother like any mother–nothing very special.  Our family was a small one with just four members. My younger brother, mother, father, and me. Now, this is fragmented and thrown apart in the midst of conservation dharma.

On the fateful night of 02 November 2018, we were strolling. The night was warm and dry.  My father was absent as usual. I was not very far, Modi Jee. Just 50 meters behind following her like any other day. I heard damp hissing sound which came and sticks to the left-hand side of my mother’s body.  My mother was still walking fearlessly and so we. However, human’s chattering made her a little anxious.  She growled and hastily started moving back towards us and then the loud roaring deafened me. It was so deafening that my brother wet the soil.

As we regained our consciousness, we hobbled and ran frantically. We were also looking behind to see what happened to our mother, but in the darkness of that night, everything was dark like death. Nothing was visible.  Even no sound, then no food, but just fear and trepidation.  We all separated in that darkness. We have not seen her after that. My younger brother often said, “fierce men have murdered her”. He is still childish and ignorant. Can you please educate him that wild-life conservation has no business of destruction and killing of the wild animals themselves?

A couple of weeks later, I was lured, cheated, hallucinated, captured and thrown in another jungle. I am here from last year. Life is not that bad, Modi Jee. Life is still attracting enough goodies. Even I got some friends, to whom I share my pain of the past. However, ironically, everyone here has a similar past, Modi Jee. There are few whose childhood is crippled, there are few who have missed tender motherly care, and there are few who were deprived of life and decaying as foul emanating carcass. Though my friends are rarely indulging in conversation on my or similar topic, they have a firm understanding that my mother was killed on that night.  Are they right, Modi Jee or just ignorant of the facts? Your people were kind to me and hard to believe why you all would that unkind to my mother.

I am sure you must be aware of that night. May you, please, kindly write to me. Not necessarily a cumbersome letter, the simple tweet will also help. Somewhere, I have to focus or end my search. Your words will help me to pursue the right path. Patiently, I would be looking forward to your response. 


With love,

What name should I put? I don’t have any. Not privileged to have such. Anyway, your species give a name to a few who are either destined to be killed or notoriously dangerous. I was not in those categories. Have you seen any human without a name? Yes, my mother was also alleged to be! Hope, you will be able to identify if I place her name. She was called as Avani, the tigress. 

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