Brazilian Army Day

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Brazilian Army Day

Brazilian Army Day was established to celebrate the country’s land force, praise the Brazilian patriotic spirit, and raise awareness of the importance of the Brazilian Armed Forces. It is celebrated with various events held across the country. Besides, Brazilians celebrate Soldier’s Day on August 25.

The Brazilian Army in its modern form was created during the War of Independence of Brazil in the early 1820s. Throughout its existence, it has participated in several international armed conflicts, mainly in South America, and several United Nations peacekeeping missions. Currently, the Brazilian Army has about 220,000 active and over 1,800,000 reserve personnel.


The Brazilian Army was created during the process of the independence of Brazil from Portugal, in 1822, with the units of the Portuguese Army in Brazil that have remained loyal to Prince Dom Pedro, its origins can date back to Land Forces used by Portuguese in the colonial wars against the French and Dutch, fought in 16th and 17th centuries.

First major interventions were the expulsion of the French from Rio de Janeiro in the 16th century and the Maranhao in 1615. As internalization progressed through the broad territorial expansion movement in the 17th and early 18th centuries, forcing the organization of the defense of the newly conquered territory.


In the 17th century, the war against the Dutch mobilized large numbers in the country for the first time and gave rise to a sense of national defense regardless of the influence of the crown. The first Battle of Guararapes (1648) marks the beginning of the organization of the army as a genuinely Brazilian force formed by local whites, led by André Vidal de Negreiros; Indians, led by Felipe Camarão; and Blacks/mulattos, led by Henrique Dias. This date is celebrated as the anniversary of the Brazilian Army.

The Army has many active and planned projects, under the modernization plans of the Brazilian Armed Forces, defined in the National Defense White Paper.

The Day of the Soldier (Dia do Soldado) celebrates all those who have served the country and the army in times of war.


The holiday was inspired by the “Duque de Caxias”, who is regarded as the greatest of Brazil’s military officers. In 1925 his birthday (25 August 1803) was established as the Day of the Soldier.

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