20 March: World Sparrow Day

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World Sparrow Day is celebrated annually on  20 March every year. It is aimed to raise awareness and protect the common house sparrows, which are not so commonly seen now due to increasing noise pollution. World Sparrow Day is an initiative started by the Nature Forever Society of India along with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation of France. The Society was started by a dedicated conservationist Mohammed Dilawar. He was named by Time as one of the “Heroes of the Environment” in 2008. He is also the recipient of the Limca Book of Records for the conservation of house sparrows and the Guinness Book of Records in 2011 for the largest distribution of bird feeders in the world.

On World Sparrow Day, let’s encourage the young nature enthusiasts among us to love the birds and take care of them, especially when the harsh summer season is knocking on our door and the birds need cool shades and water just like humans.

The theme for World Sparrow Day is I LOVE Sparrows. The theme has been inspired by the hope that more and more of us will celebrate the relationship between people and sparrows. The theme is centered around People and Sparrows because both are an integral part of a relationship that celebrates thousands of years of togetherness. In our busy lives, we have lost that bond with sparrows in particular, and with nature, in general.

The theme for World Sparrow Day is I LOVE Sparrows
The theme for World Sparrow Day is I LOVE Sparrows

World Sparrow Day: How to celebrate

The sparrows are known to live in the home and backyard. Since the last two decades, their population is on the decline in almost every city,” according to the wwfindia.org. On this World Sparrow Day let’s encourage children and others around us to respect spaces for sparrows.

Developing sparrow-friendly habits: It’s never too late to learn. Alongside teaching our kids to keep a bowl of water and grains in the balcony for sparrows to feed on, we can also do things to have more greenery, which will encourage sparrows to visit us more often.

Go for a sparrow walk with kids: Since it’s a Saturday, go for a local sparrow walk early morning. Don’t forget to take binoculars and cameras.

Make sparrow posters: Draw posters and paintings on sparrows and other birds that visit your balcony often. This helps develop an awareness of the birds.

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