PM pays homage to Pingali Venkayya on his birth anniversary

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Pingali Venkayya

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has paid homage to Pingali Venkayya on his birth anniversary.

In a tweet the Prime Minister said;

“I pay homage to the great Pingali Venkayya on his birth anniversary. Our nation will forever be indebted to him for his efforts of giving us the Tricolour, which we are very proud of. Taking strength and inspiration from the Tricolour, may we keep working for national progress.”


Pingali Venkayya (2 August 1878 – 4 July 1963) was the designer of the ‘Tiranga’ national flag of India. He was also a true patriot of India, a great freedom fighter, and an agricultural scientist. Pingali Venkayya had a good hold on languages ​​like Sanskrit, Urdu, and Hindi. Along with this, he had great knowledge of geology and agriculture. In 1904, when Japan defeated Russia, he was so impressed by this news that he immediately learned Japanese. While the Swadeshi movement of Mahatma Gandhi was going on, this movement also changed the mind of Pingali Venkaiah. At that time, he imported cottonseed called Cambodian from America and germinated this seed with cottonseed of India and prepared Indian hybrid cottonseed. For his research work, he later came to be known as ‘Venkayya Kapas’. He was Born on 2 August 1878 in Andhra Pradesh.

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