The Ministry of Coal achieved a substantial increase in overall coal production during August 2023 to 67.65 million tonnes (MT), surpassing the previous year’s corresponding month figures of 59.95 tonnes, with a increase of 12.85%. The production of Coal India Limited (CIL) increased to 52.27 MT in August 2023 compared to 46.17 MT in August 2022 with a growth of 13.21%. Cumulative coal production (through August 2023) saw a quantum leap to 349.01 MT (interim) in FY 23-24 compared to 316.27 MT during the same period in FY 22-23 with a growth of 10.35%.

Furthermore, coal shipment recorded a significant increase in August 2023, reaching an impressive 74.45 tons, showing significant progress from the 64.83 tons recorded in August 2022, with a growth rate of 14. 83%. At the same time, Coal India Limited (CIL) dispatching demonstrated outstanding performance, reaching 58.48 tonnes in August 2023, compared to 51.06 tonnes in August 2022, a growth of 14.53%. Cumulative Coal Dispatch (through August 2023) saw a significant increase to 378.29 MT (provisional) in FY 23-24 compared to 346.72 MT during the corresponding period in FY 22-23 with a growth of 9.10%.


The coal sector has witnessed an unprecedented recovery, with production, shipping and inventory levels reaching remarkable levels. This exceptional growth is attributed to the unwavering dedication of coal feeders, which has played a vital role in driving this extraordinary progress. This underlines the remarkable efficiency of the coal supply chain, ensuring the uninterrupted distribution of coal nationwide.

The Ministry of Coal is steadfast in its commitment to maintain consistent coal production and dispatch, ensuring an uninterrupted supply for a reliable and resilient energy sector, coupled with sustainable practices.





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