Celebrating Life and Legacy of Harry Jerome

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Celebrating Life and Legacy of Harry Jerome

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Harry Jerome (September 30, 1940 – December 7, 1982) was a Canadian track and field athlete who rose to international acclaim for his exceptional speed and prowess on the track. Beyond his athletic achievements, Jerome left an indelible mark as a trailblazer in Canadian sports and a symbol of resilience and determination.

Early Life

Harry Jerome was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. He came from a family with a deep love for sports, and his father was a former semi-professional baseball player. Jerome’s early life was marked by adversity as he battled both illness and racism. At the age of 12, he contracted rheumatic fever, which left him bedridden for over a year. Despite this setback, he displayed an unwavering determination to overcome his physical limitations.


Jerome’s track and field career began to flourish during his high school years. He quickly established himself as a formidable sprinter, breaking numerous records in the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints. In 1960, he represented Canada at the Rome Olympics, where he won a bronze medal in the 100 meters. His performance made him the first Canadian to win an Olympic track medal in 56 years.

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Throughout his career, Jerome continued to set records and win medals at various international competitions, including the Commonwealth Games and the Pan American Games. He was known for his powerful starts and incredible acceleration.


Harry Jerome’s legacy transcends his athletic accomplishments. He became a symbol of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. His ability to overcome a debilitating illness and break barriers as a Black athlete in a predominantly white sport inspired countless individuals, particularly those from underrepresented communities.

Jerome’s impact on Canadian sports is profound. He played a pivotal role in advancing the reputation of Canadian sprinting on the international stage. His achievements paved the way for future generations of Canadian track and field athletes.

In recognition of his contributions to Canadian sports, the Harry Jerome International Track Classic, an annual track and field event, was established in his honor. Additionally, the Harry Jerome Awards, presented by the Black Business and Professional Association, celebrate excellence in the Black community and pay tribute to Jerome’s enduring legacy.

Harry Jerome’s life and career exemplify the qualities of perseverance, determination, and excellence. He not only achieved remarkable success on the track but also broke down racial barriers and inspired generations of athletes. His legacy continues to serve as a testament to the power of sport to transcend societal limitations and uplift individuals and communities. Harry Jerome remains a cherished figure in Canadian sports history and a source of inspiration for all who strive to overcome adversity and achieve greatness.

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On 30 September 2019, a Google Doodle was created to celebrate Harry Jerome’s 79th Birthday.

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