Archaeological Survey of India illuminates one hundred Monuments in Tricolor

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The Archaeological Survey of India of Ministry of Culture is illuminating 100 Monuments in Tricolor across the country as India achieved the landmark milestone of administrating 100 crore COVID vaccinations in one of the World’s largest and fastest vaccination drives. The illumination is taking place as a mark of respect and gratitude to corona warriors who have contributed relentlessly to the fight against the covid pandemic.

The 100 monuments being lit up in Tri-color include UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb and Qutb Minar in Delhi, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri in Uttar Pradesh, Konark Temple in Odisha, MamallapuramRath temples in Tamil Nadu, St Francis of Assisi Church in Goa, Khajuraho, the forts of Chittor and Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan, the excavated ruins of the ancient Nalanda University in Bihar and Dholavira (recently accorded world heritage status) in Gujarat.

Humayun’s Tomb

To express gratitude towards corona warriors – vaccinators, sanitation staff, paramedical, auxiliary workers, police personnel etc., who have worked beyond their call of duty to help the Country face the pandemic effectively and for their selfless services to humankind, the 100 monuments will remain lit in Tricolor on the night of 21st October 2021 as India achieved the landmark 100 crore vaccination mark.


Vaccination played a vital role in controlling the spread of the virus and halting the third wave and by administrating 100 crore COVID vaccine doses India becomes the only country along with China to be in the billion-dose club.