National Lamington Day is celebrated every year on July 21st in honor of the Aussie Lamington, Australia’s most famous culinary icon. As part of the celebration, people are encouraged to eat a Lamington while spreading the word about this tasty cake.

What is this delicious treat? An Australian cake made from sponge cake or butter cake squares rolled in chocolate sauce and then coated with desiccated coconut, this dessert is made from sponge cake or butter cake squares.

A lamington consists of a buttery, flavorful sponge cake covered with chocolate sauce. The top of lamingtons is covered with coconut shavings or desiccated coconut. In Australia, the cake is known as the “most Australian cake”. During special occasions, such as Australia Day, lamingtons are eaten. It was honored with a special day to celebrate its popularity and importance in Australian culture.

National Lamington Day: History

National Lamington Day has been held on July 21st in Australia since 2006.

There is no clear history behind National Lamington Day. The lamington is believed to have been created by Lord Lamington, Governor of Queensland. His maid accidentally dropped the square sponge cake into the melted chocolate, and the lord suggested the cake be rolled in coconut to prevent the chocolate from messing it up. To avoid waste, Lord Lamington ate and served it to his guests. The cakes have been eaten for more than a century, named after their creator, Lord Lamington. During a hectic time in 1901, Galland may have created it at Queensland’s Government House in Brisbane. There are few other people who claim to have created it.

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How to Celebrate Lamington Day

This day is celebrated in Australia and New Zealand by baking or buying lamingtons. They eat it as a special treat or serve it with tea or as a dessert. Free samples of lamingtons are available at bakeries.

To participate:

  • Make your own lamington using this recipe.
  • Read the different stories of how lamington was created.
  • Learn the history of Lord Lamington.
  • Spread the word about the delicious lamington on social media with #NationalLamingtonDay.

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