World Patient Safety Day

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World Patient Safety Day

World Patient Safety Day (WPSD), observed annually on 17 September, aims to raise global awareness about patient safety and call for solidarity and united action by all countries and international partners to reduce patient harm. Patient safety focuses on preventing and reducing risks, errors and harm that happen to patients during the provision of health care.

World Patient Safety Day was established in May 2019 when the 72nd World Health Assembly adopted resolution WHA 72.6 on ‘Global action on patient safety’. This global campaign builds on a series of annual Global Ministerial Summits on Patient Safety initiated in 2016, as well as the high-level advocacy and commitment of major international and national stakeholders.


The incidence of patient harm has become a global public health problem. The number of patients either injured, disabled or killed while accessing unsafe healthcare has become an issue of great concern globally.

As a part of the global action on patient safety, the World Health Assembly adopted a resolution on 24th May 2019 to address global patient safety in a concerted manner. Part of this resolution is about adopting 17th September as a World Patient Safety Day.

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The WHO thinks that by having a World Patient Safety Day, we can prioritize and address patient safety through global solidarity and concerted action by all countries, stakeholders, patients and international partners. This approach is like our Patient Solidarity Day, where we involve whole of society and whole of government in the effort.


Each year world Patient Safety Day is dedicated on a different theme.

The theme for world Patient Safety Day of 2021 is “Together for safe and respectful maternal and newborn care.”


A signature mark of the global campaign is the lighting up of prominent monuments, landmarks, and public places in the colour orange, in collaboration with local authorities, all around the world.

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