World Kebab Day 2022 History and its Celebration.

World Kebab Day 2022 History and its Celebration.

Every year, on the second Friday in July, the World Kebab Day celebration is held in honor of this delicious food. In addition to learning about the origins of kebabs as well as how to make them, it is also a day to learn how to prepare them.

Depending on the location, different types of food are used on kebabs. Chinese people, for instance, make their kebabs with chunks of mutton. Ground pork sausage is used to make kebabs in Cyprus. There are many places in Iran that serve kebabs with either lamb or grilled chicken. Grilled zucchini, mushrooms, corn, onions, and peppers are common vegetables used for kebabs. Among the unusual foods people have used are ice cream, pizza, salad, pasta, and fruit and brownies. Any food that can be put on a skewer and eaten with one hand is considered a kebab!

World Kebab Day: History

From the Middle East, where they originated as simply grilled meat heavily seasoned, kebabs have a long and august history.

In Asia, shish kebab refers to a popular variety that is far and away more commonly known. In addition to lamb or beef, swordfish or chicken have also been known to be used. Traditionally, these dishes were prepared with vegetables and meat on separate skewers.

Gyros are most commonly made from doner kebabs, which are the source of meat for the dish. In essence, it consists of layers of meat stacked into an inverted cone and slowly roasted by rotating it alongside a vertical heat source. As it cooks, the outer layer is slowly sliced and served in a pita, most commonly as a gyro.

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World Kebab Day: Celebration

Enjoying the delicious flavors of the best kebabs is the easiest (and tastiest!) way to celebrate World Kebab Day. Organize a barbecue at your home and invite your friends to bring their favorite kinds of kebabs!

Today, people put everything on kebabs, from chicken and vegetables to pineapple. Over smoky coals, kebabs can be prepared with rich flavorful seasonings and anything you can imagine. World Kebab Day encourages you to get creative with your kebabs, and let your skewers become vehicles for delicious culinary experiences.

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