What is cyber security defence?

Saurav Singh

When you are an owner of a company, you probably have to face many challenges starting from employing the right people and ending at protecting the data of the company, your workers, co-workers as well as the clients who buy products and services from your company. Nowadays, data leakage prevention is essential in every business. Feel free to read the article to the end to learn more about security and data protection services that are available for your company.

Cyber security defence – what are the most common services?

There are a lot of actions that can be taken by experienced IT companies in cyber defence. First of all, there is external and insider threat detection. It can be very easy, such as removing the virus from the disk, or it can be very complex. It all depends on its size and range of the problem. The second action is ransomware protection. There are many other actions that are frequently taken by experienced IT companies: data leakage prevention, data privacy and compliance, and finally, phishing simulation. You need to know that all cyber security defence actions are done with the cooperation of the client. All of those actions can be performed by your local company as well as the company located in various countries, such as Australia, Polsce or England. The IT world and professional IT services do not know borders.

How can an IT company help you in cyber security defence?

The professional IT company is able to help you in various ways. There are two of them worth noticing:

– Proactive cyber security defence – the experienced employees of an IT company can monitor the security of your company website and data for breaches and vulnerabilities – it is one of the most common services that is worth buying. It does not cost much – it is only about ten pounds a month.

– Professional training for you and your employees – when you learn more about cyber security and cyber defence, you can be more aware of threats. It is recommended to train your employees who have access to personal data of the company and use the computer all the time. Cyber defense is very important for the workers at various levels.

How to start cooperation with IT companies?

If you think that cyber defence services (usługi w zakresie cyberbezpieczeństwa in Polish) are necessary for you and your company, you have to take a few steps to receive professional help. They are the following:

– contact the IT company to learn more about their defense experience – during the first meeting it is worth discussing the most important issues relating to cyber security (cyberbezpieczeństwo in Polish). The experts from IT companies will explain their service and you will be able to get to know their work systems as well.

– after some time, the IT company will present you with an offer that will be based on your problems and the weaknesses of your company. As an outcome, the special actions can be implemented in order to secure your company and the data of your employees as well as your customers. 

– When the services are implemented you can check the results of the actions and monitor it on your own. It is also essential to attend the special training to learn more about the services of the IT company, its purpose and final results.