We will do whatever is possible to save human lives: Bhupender Yadav

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Union Minister for  Environment, Forest and Climate Change Shri  Bhupender Yadav visited the homes of those killed in tiger and elephant attacks in Wayanad.

The Union Minister, who had come directly from Bangalore for by a two-day visit to Wayanad, visited the homes of those who were killed in the attack by wild animals.
Shri Yadav visited the houses of Prajeesh, who was killed by a tiger and  Paul and Ajeesh, who were killed in attacks by elephants.

The Union Minister consoled the relatives of the victims and listened to what they and the residents had to say.
He said that human-animal conflict was a major problem in the region. The government would provide all support, both politically and administratively, to the officials and scientists working in this field to solve such problems. There must be a solution to this issue, he said. Since two states, Karnataka and Kerala are involved in this, discussions were being held with the concerned officials of both the States.

Shri Yadav added that he will meet the officials of the local administration and NGOs working in this field on Feb 22nd. He said that more information will be given after that meeting. “We are guided by the vision of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi that environment and human life are equally important and should be protected,” he said. Animals deserve pity but human lives should be saved  with the help of new technology, he added.

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