Swachh Diwali: From Clutter to Clean

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In response to the aftermath of Diwali celebrations, marked by fireworks and scattered remnants of festivities, Delhi has geared up to embark on a mission to restore cleanliness through the ‘Operation Clean Delhi’ in which a Post-Diwali Cleanliness Drive has been held as a part of ‘Swachh Diwali Shubh Diwali’ campaign.

Under Operation Clean Delhi, three initiatives commenced with ‘Street-Cleaning’, where an extensive post-Diwali cleanliness drive was conducted on the streets. Swachhata forces were activated to clear thoroughfares of debris, firework residue, and other refuse in open spaces. Strengthening their commitment, MCD prioritized the tidying of streets and public spaces, aiming for a cleaner environment.

Simultaneously, a strategic ‘Waste Collection plan’ was set into motion, ensuring the proper disposal of the Diwali-generated waste. This undertaking not only prioritized timely collection of post-Diwali waste but also emphasized the safe disposal of used firecrackers and associated materials. The city’s waste management machinery worked tirelessly to restore order to the chaotic aftermath of festivities.

Acknowledging the environmental impact of Diwali, authorities heightened their scrutiny of air quality, prioritizing the monitoring of air quality and making concerted efforts to mitigate the rising pollution levels. Delhi, with a collective resolve, took strides towards a cleaner, healthier post-Diwali environment, setting a precedent for responsible celebrations and sustainable practices.

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