Remembering V. P. Singh

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Remembering V. P. Singh

V. P. Singh was an Indian Politician, and he served as the 8th Prime Minister of India from 1989 to 1990.


He was born on 25 June 1931, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Raja Bahadur Ram Gopal Singh of Manda adopted him. In 1941, at the age of 10, he became the Raja Bahadur of Manda. He completed his education from Colonel Brown Cambridge School, Dehradun. And he got his B.A degree and Law degree from Allahabad University.

V. P. Singh became a member of the legislative assembly from U. P. and in 1969, as a member of Indian National Congress. In 1971, He elected for Lok Sabha and in 1974, he appointed as Deputy Minister of Commerce by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He also served as Minister of Commerce from 1976 to 1977.

He resigned from Lok Sabha when he became Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in June 1980. When Indira Gandhi returned in Power in 1980, He was appointed as the Chief Minister of UP until 1982 and resumed his post as commerce minister in 1983.

After the death of Indira Gandhi in 1984, her son Rajiv Gandhi became the P. M of India. And V. P. Singh appointed as Minister of Finance by Rajiv Gandhi. He resigned from Rajya Sabha when he left Congress in 1987.

In 1987, he was appointed as the Defence Minister of India, but only for 3 months. And in 1989, He appointed as the 16th Minister of External Affairs of India and remained the position for just 3 days. He was succeeded by Inder Kumar Gujral for the position.

In 1889, He served as the Prime Minister of India for less than a year from 2 December 1989 to 10 November 1990. In 1889, He implemented the SC-ST Act to prevent the atrocities against the members of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.


He died on 27 November 2008 New Delhi, India.

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