Guided by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision to encourage active participation of people as a central objective of India’s G20 Presidency, the Ministry of Education is organizing a number of activities and programs to promote and support the theme of ‘Ensuring literacy and numeracy (FLN)” especially in the context of blended learning.


In accordance with this objective, the Ministry of Education in cooperation with all States and UTs is holding Janbhagidari events across the country to build awareness and generate a sense of pride among various stakeholders such as students, teachers, parents and community as a whole, regarding the G-20, National Education Policy and the FLN. In this context, they have been planned since 1st at 15th June 2023. The events will be widely organized across the country at state, district, block, panchaayat and school levels to engage people from all walks of life.

The Janbhagidari event would lead to the main event i.e. 4th Education working group (4th EdWG) discussion in Pune, Maharashtra between 19th at 21st June 2023 and will culminate with the Education Ministerial meeting on the 22ndna June 2023.


The calendar of events organized by the Ministry is as follows:

  • Janbhagidari awareness raising events on G20, NEP, FLN in all schools – 1st at 15th June 2023.
  • Exhibition to showcase best practices on best practices in school education, higher education and vocational training since 17th at 22na June 2023 in Pune, Maharashtra.
  • 2-day national conference on Foundation Literacy and Numeracy on the 17thth and June 18, 2023.




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