IFFI 52 unveils potpourri of films in World Panorama Section

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International Film Festival of India

As many as 55 films across the world will be showcased under the World Panorama Section of 52nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI) this year. The nine-day film festival, being organized in both hybrid and virtual formats, is being held in Goa during November 20 – 28, 2021. The synopses of the films can be found here.


  1. 1000 Dreams directed by Marat Sarulu

Kyrgyzstan | Kyrgyz

Synopsis: Nazar, Rumia’s lover, comes to the workshop of her ex-husband Arsen. He looks into his computer and finds a file in it that changes his life. Nazar penetrates the secret of Arsen, who created fiction and disappeared into it, like a certain artist from China who painted a fantastic picture, penetrated it and disappeared forever from the world of people.

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2.      A Film About Couples directed by Natalia Cabral, Oriol Estrada

Dominican Republic | Spanish, Catalan

Synopsis: When a couple of filmmakers decide to shoot a documentary about couples in love, problems and tensions between the two force them to question their own relationship and the meaning of cinema.

  1. A Higher Law directed by Octav Chelaru

Romania | Romanian

Synopsis: Ecaterina, a high school Religion teacher and wife of the town priest, gets involved with Iuliu, an audacious 16-year-old pupil of hers. He starts confessing to the priest.

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  1. Absence directed by Ali Mosaffa

Iran, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic | English, Persian, Czech

Synopsis: Rouzbeh arrives in Prague, far away from his troubled family life in Tehran, and immerses himself in research into his father’s past as a communist expatriate in Czechoslovakia. Upon visiting the flat where his father lived 50 years ago, he’s stopped by a policewoman who’s investigating a recent accident. The resident of the flat (Vladimir) has fallen out of the window and we find that his father’s name is identical to Rouzbeh’s – thus, Vladimir is his half-brother. As he discovers the hidden corners of Vladimir’s life and gets closer to his soul, he learns a shocking fact about his father, which is in total contrast to the hero he admired. This sets him on a path that is identical to the one which caused Vladimir to fall out of the window.

  1. Abu Omar directed by Roy Krispel

Israel | Hebrew, Arabic

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Synopsis: A Palestinian father meets a pregnant Israeli woman on his way to cross the border, carrying his son, dead after failed surgery in Israel.

  1. Anais in Love directed by Charline BOURGEOIS-TACQUET

France | French

Synopsis: Anaïs is thirty and broke. She has a lover, but she’s not sure she loves him anymore. She meets Daniel, who immediately falls for her. But Daniel lives with Emilie – whom Anaïs also falls for. This is the story of a restless young woman. And the story of a profound desire.

  1. Asterrarium directed by Armen H’Akopian

Russian Federation | Russian

Synopsis: LAST CALL FOR LOVE AND HATE Present day. A comet approaches the Earth, carrying the ultimate destruction. The government is disbanded, there is no communication or transport. The world is in chaos. This does not stop the main characters, Anna and Andrei, a couple that lives in a provincial town, from waiting their sons, who had left the town nine years ago, to come back. They dream to reunite the family for this last event. The kids do come, but the family reunion makes the life of the couple much harder. The comet is getting closer, and everybody needs to speak out everything they did not say earlier. However, the most important words bring out grievances accumulated over the years, hidden desires, skeletons in the cupboard; the characters cannot even gather around the festive table. Will they manage to stay a family or did the apocalypse happen long before the coming of the comet?

  1. Atlantide directed by Yuri Ancarani

Italy, France, US, Qatar | Italian

Synopsis: Daniele is a young man who lives on the edges of the Venice Lagoon, he dreams a record breaking “barchino” (motorboat). A vestigial tale of male initiation, violent and destined to fail, it explodes dragging the ghost city along on a psychedelic shipwreck.

  1. Bebia, à mon seul désir directed by Juja Dobrachkous

Georgia, UK | Georgian, Russian

Synopsis: Returning home for the funeral of her grandmother, seventeen-year-old Ariadna must cross the unspoiled Georgian countryside to connect her grandmother’s soul with her resting body in an ancient burial custom. Traversing this exhausting and raw terrain, Ariadna is forced to confront the impact that the complex, sometimes cruel matriarch had on her not-so-distant childhood.

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  1. Bergman Island directed by Mia Hansen Love

France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden | English

Synopsis: Over the course of one summer, a filmmaker couple settles down to write on the Swedish island of Fårö, where Bergman lived and found inspiration. As their respective scripts progress, they come in contact with the wild landscapes of the place, souvenirs of a first love resurface, and the lines between fiction and reality blur, tearing the couple apart.


11.  Captain Volkonogov Escaped directed by Natasha Merkulova and Aleksey Chupov

Russia| Estonia| France | Russian

Synopsis: Captain Fyodor Volkonogov, a well-respected and obedient USSR law enforcer, witnesses his peers being suspiciously questioned. Sensing his turn is approaching, he escapes and is soon on the run, hunted by his former colleagues. Vulnerable and hopeless, Fyodor comes to realize what he had been part of. Suddenly he gets a message from hell: after death he will be sentenced to eternal torments. The only way to avoid it is to repent and to find at least one person who will give him forgiveness. But time is running out and the manhunt is closing in on him…

  1. Celts directed by Milica Tomović

Serbia | Serbian

Synopsis: Winter, 1993. Bill Clinton is elected president. Audrey Hepburn dies. Wars following the breakup of socialist Yugoslavia are continued in Croatia and Bosnia. Belgrade is under sanctions and inflation that threaten to become hyperinflation. Mother wakes up on a day when she has to do all the preparation for her younger daughter’s birthday party – cooking awaits her, guests await her and dirty dishes await her, when the night is over. After a full year of not having sex with her husband, Mother introduced masturbation in her everyday routine.

  1. Clara Sola directed by Nathalie Álvarez Mesén

Sweden, Costa Rica, Belgium | Spanish

Synopsis: CLARA, 40, is believed to have a special connection to God. As a “healer”, she sustains a family and a village in need of hope, while she finds solace in her relationship with the natural world. After years of being controlled by her mother’s repressive care, Clara’s sexual desires are stirred by her attraction to her niece’s new boyfriend. This newly awakened force takes Clara to unexplored territory, allowing her to cross boundaries, both physical and mystical. Empowered by her self-discovery, Clara gradually frees herself from her role as “saint” and begins to heal herself.

  1. Dark Matter directed by Iman Tahsin

Andorra | Turkish

Synopsis: Can, accompanied by some of his friends, is on his way to a cursed region. The natives of the place believe that two hundred years ago, after the child of Satan had been slayed, the whole region had been cursed and vanished from the face of the earth. Right when the group reaches the area, bizarre things begin to happen; The problem is that Can

is unable to distinguish between reality and his nightmares and is trapped in a limbo between hallucination and the real world.

  1. Fathers directed by Salem Salavati

Iran | Persian

Synopsis: Confrontation of two different generations can lead to some incidents. In FATHERS an incident brings two generations together.

  1. Hinterland directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky

Austria, Luxembourg | German

Synopsis: When an ex-prisoner of the Great War returns home and finds his comrades brutally murdered, he decides to bring the serial-killer to justice.

  1. Holy Island directed by Robert Manson

Ireland | English

Synopsis: Holy Island is a story about two lost souls, Rosa and David, trapped in purgatory in the form of a run-down port town. They meet awaiting a boat to leave the island, both longing to return home. Together they are forced to traverse an abnormal maze, piecing together their past lives through shared conversations and memories. In the end, only one of them can be saved. The other must fall.

  1. Humanization directed by Giulio Musi

Sweden | Swedish

Synopsis: Anna lost her child in an accident. Estranged from mundane life she has stopped feeling physical pain. Numb, she decides to end her life throwing herself out of a window. Miraculously Anna survives and wakes up in a nursing home where she befriends a nurse and a young boy. Slowly Anna starts to create meaning to her existence in hope to be able to carry on living. But how does this created meaning relate to the actual reality? Anna seems struggling with how to perceive her surroundings.

  1. Islands directed by Martin Edralin

Canada | Filipino, Tagalog, English

Synopsis: Joshua, a timid, middle-aged Filipino immigrant has lived in the comfort of his parents home his entire life. He pleads with God to find him a wife for fear of being alone forever. When his mother suddenly passes he quits his job to look after his father full- time. Inexperienced at taking care of anyone, including himself, Joshua struggles with his father’s care. Help arrives when a cousin visits from abroad whose warmth and nurturing breathes new life into the home and stirs confused emotions in him. ISLANDS playfully explores the Filipino diaspora experience in an offbeat story of filial duty and adult puppy love.

  1. Lamb directed by Valdimar Jóhannsson

Iceland, Sweden, Poland | Icelandic

Synopsis: A childless couple, María and Ingvar discover a mysterious newborn on their farm in Iceland. The unexpected prospect of family life brings them much joy, before ultimately destroying them.

  1. Love Songs for Tough Guys directed by Samuel Benchetrit

France, Belgium | French

Synopsis: In a port city, the lives of a few isolated people, used to violence, are strongly influenced by the love they feel for each other. Choices, envy, love and tenderness are the driving forces that help these characters to be themselves and give meaning to their lives. A tribute to poetry, theatre and art.

  1. Luzzu directed by Alex Camilleri

Malta | Maltese

Synopsis: A man risks everything to provide for his girlfriend by entering Malta’s black- market fishing industry.

  1. Miss Osaka directed by Daniel Dencik

Denmark, Norway, Japan | English, Japanese, Danish

Synopsis: “Who would you like to be if you could be anyone ?”

Ines follows her boyfriend’s business trip to Norway and meets the enigmatic Maria, coming from Osaka. Their chance encounter becomes more profound as they get to know each other and find affinities within themselves and the divergent lifestyles they lead. One night, under the green glow of the northern lights, their relationship comes to an abrupt end. Without looking back, Inés leaves everything behind and flies to Japan, retracing the mysterious footsteps of María’s life. A business card bearing the name of a hostess club, ‘Miss Osaka’, leads her into the neon lit depths of a labyrinthine parallel world where identities are as fluid as the sound of a mellow sax solo, where reality is no match for dreams and the emptiness of the soul can be healed with a new personality. As she plunges with determination into this unique existence, Inés begins to realize that all dreams, even the most beautiful ones, have to end.

  1. Nightride directed by Stephen Fingleton

United Kingdom | English

Synopsis: Nightride is a wry realtime one shot thriller set on the midnight streets of Belfast. It places us in the driver’s seat with smalltime dealer Budge as he tries to pull one last deal with cash borrowed from a dangerous loan shark. When the handover goes catastrophically wrong, Budge finds himself in a race against time to find his missing product and get a new buyer before the loan shark tracks him down.

  1. Ninjababy directed by Yngvild Sve Flikke

Norway | Norwegian

Synopsis: When Rakel (23), way too late, finds out she’s six months pregnant after a not- so-romantic one-night stand, her world changes. Her boyfriend, who’s not the father, is kind of ok with her having a baby. But Rakel is absolutely not ready to be a mother. Since abortion is no longer an option, adoption is the only answer. That’s when Ninjababy, an animated character who insists on making Rakel’s everyday life a living hell, turns up. He climbs out from her note book, jumps into her teacup, and keeps reminding her what a terrible person she is.

  1. Our Father directed by David Pantaleón

Spain | Spanish

Synopsis: Rendir Los Machos’ [Our Father] is a more than 100-kilometre journey across barren lands with the seven most reputed male goats in the island of Fuerteventura… and two brothers who hate each other. Alejandro and Julio are the two sons of the Cabreras, the most respected goat raisers and cheese producer family in the North of the island. Don Guillermo, the family patriarch, and his two sons have not talked to each other for many years. After the schism, the burden of taking care of the father and the family business falls on Alicia, the only daughter. When their father dies, he leaves one particular last wish in his will which must be fulfilled before the inheritance can be shared out among his children. Alejandro and Julio must travel with the male goats across the island on foot, which they see as a punishment, and hand them to the historical antagonist family of the Cabreras.

  1. Out of Sync directed by JUANJO GIMÉNEZ

Spain, Lithuania, France | Spanish

Synopsis: A sound designer finds refuge from broken relationships with her ex, her colleagues and her mother in the studio, where she can spend hours recording Foley and wild tracks, editing and mixing. But is her brain starting to slip out of sync?

  1. Patio of Illusion directed by Shangshi Chen

Macau | Cantonese

Synopsis: Ho Yi Cheung and Mei, a young couple in love, graduate from university in 1999, the same year as the handover of Macao back to China. Yi Cheng is anxious to leave the confining island, but Mei insists that Macao is her home and convinces him to stay. They choose a life they value, he an art teacher and she a nurse, and soon she gets pregnant. However, as the economy starts to boom, Yi Cheung chooses to make more money to support his family and quits his job to become a casino dealer. He starts to forget the old Macao that he and Mei used to wander around, becomes preoccupied with work and neglects his family. Only after Mei leaves him does he start to realize that his fear of losing his family has caused him to lose everything. Will getting back into art and unchaining his passion be enough to show her that he is the person she always thought he was?

  1. Private Desert directed by Aly Muritiba

Brazil, Portugal | Brazilian-Portuguese

Synopsis: Forty-year-old Daniel has been suspended from police and is under internal investigation for violence. When Sara, his internet love affair, stops answering his texts he decides to drive north in search of her. He shows Sara’s picture around, but nobody seems to recognize the woman. Until eventually a guy pops up saying he can put the two in touch under very specific conditions.

  1. Promises directed by Thomas Kruithof

France | French

Synopsis: Clémence, the fearless mayor of a town near Paris, is completing the final term of her political career. With her faithful right-hand man Yazid, she has long fought for this town plagued by poverty, unemployment and slumlords. However, when Clémence is approached to become Minister, her ambition arises, questioning her devotion and commitment to her citizens. Will her political integrity and election promises survive her newly found ambition?

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  1. Pure White directed by Necip Caghan Ozdemir

Turkey | Turkish

Synopsis: Vuralâ’s life is the epitome of mundanity. Born and raised in a pious family, he performs his duties as a father to a young boy, a breadwinning husband, and a caring son to his sick father, with whom he runs a photography shop across the American Consulate in Istanbul. Continuing the family traditions, he preaches the lessons of the righteous life to his son. Yet, Vural has a secret, a minor transgression of his faith: An affair with Sonay, a young woman who visits his shop for passport pictures she needs in order to apply for a visa to the US. Sonay dreams of leaving and finding her luck elsewhere. Her dreams, however, shatter. In her emotional distress she confronts Vural, putting a threat on his uncomplicated living. Vural is faced with a hard choice: to deal with the consequences of the sin he committed or to cover it up and go down the dark path of dealing with his complete loss of morality.

  1. Rafaela directed by Tito Rodriguez

Dominican Republic | Spanish

Synopsis: Young girl from the Dominican slums, parents drug addicts; she dreams about living somewhere else. She becomes the leader of a criminal gang; bullied for being a woman they consider transgender; Mario, a drug dealer, tries to force her to work for him. When he wins her confidence, leaves her pregnant and steals her loot, things change very quickly for Rafaela. Betrayed, she’ll do whatever it takes to get revenge, avoid the police and get away before her baby is born.

  1. Rhino directed by Oleh Sentsov

Ukraine/Poland/Germany | German, Ukrainian, Russian

Synopsis: Starting out as a petty thief, a young man nicknamed “Rhino” quickly works his way up the criminal hierarchy in 1990s, Ukraine. Rhino has only known power and cruelty, but with nothing left to lose, could he finally find a chance at redemption?

  1. Saloum directed by Jean Luc Herbulot

Senegal | French, Wolof

Synopsis: Shot down after fleeing a coup and extracting a drug lord from Guinea-Bissau, the legendary mercenaries known as the Bangui Hyenas – Chaka, Rafa and Midnight – must stash their stolen gold bounty, lay low long enough to repair and refuel their plane and escape back to Dakar, Senegal. When they take refuge at a holiday camp in the coastal region of Sine-Saloum, they do their best to blend in with their fellow guests; including a mute named Awa, with secrets of her own, and a policeman who may be on their tail, but it’s Chaka who happens to be hiding the darkest secret of them all. Unbeknownst to the other Hyenas, he’s brought them there for a reason and once his past catches up to him, his decisions have devastating consequences, threatening to unleash hell on them all.

  1. Silent Land directed by Aga Woszczyńska

Poland, Italy, Czech Republic | Polish, English, Italian, Franch

Synopsis: A perfect couple rents a holiday home on a sunny Italian island. The reality does not live up to their expectations when they find out that the pool in the house is broken. Ignorant of the fact that the island faces water shortage, they ask for someone to fix it. The constant presence of a stranger invades the couple’s idea of safety and starts a chain of events, which makes them act instinctively and irrationally, heading to the darkest place in their relationship.

  1. Tailor directed by Sonia Liza Kenterman

Greece, Germany, Belgium | Greek

Synopsis: Nikos lives in the attic of the family’s tailor shop. When the bank threatens to repossess the shop and his father falls ill, Nikos takes action: with a wondrously strange tailor shop on wheels, he reinvents himself while bringing style and confidence to the women of Athens.


37.  The Blind Man Who Did Not Want To See  the Titanic directed by Teemu Nikki

Finland | Finnish

Synopsis: Jaakko is blind and disabled, tightened to his wheelchair. He loves Sirpa. Living far away, they have never met in person, but they meet every day over the phone. When Sirpa is overwhelmed by the shocking news, Jaakko decides to go to her immediately despite his condition. In any case, he just needs to rely on the help of five strangers in five places: from home to taxi, from taxi to station, from station to train, from train to taxi and finally from taxi to… her.

  1. The Book of Delights directed by Marcela Lordy

Brazil | Brazilian-Portuguese

Synopsis: Lóri, a free spirited and attractive teacher, leads an erotic life of love affairs, taking charge of her own desires and needs, whilst avoiding attachments. A meeting with the Argentinian Ulisses, an egocentric Philosophy teacher sparks a change in Lóri. As she learns to take steps towards others, she eventually understands how to love and accept herself fully.

  1. The Exam directed by Shawkat Amin Korki

Germany, Iraq, Qatar | Kurdish

Synopsis: Rojin, a heartbroken young woman who is suffering from depression after the disappearance of her fiance, is preparing for her university entrance exam. If she fails, her father will force her into marriage. If she succeeds, however, she might lead a more emancipated life and avoid the fate of her older sister Shilan, who is unhappily married to a conservative man who demands her to be a proper housewife. Seeing that her younger sister struggles to achieve that dream, Shilan becomes desperate to make her pass the exam by any means necessary. This decision puts the sisters under immense pressure from their environment both at home and in school, as they become entangled in a huge network of corruption that is connected through all parts of society.

  1. The Giants directed by Bonifacio Angius

Italy | Italian

Synopsis: A reunion among old friends. A remote house in a forgotten valley. Many memories, bullets, and love stories from the abyss. This movie is an attack to masculinity in all its forms, an attempt to show it in a stinky frailty.

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41.  The Girl and The Spider directed by Ramon Zürcher, Silvan Zürcher

Switzerland | German

Synopsis: Over the course of two days and one night, as Lisa moves out of the apartment she has shared with Mara and into the one where she will live alone, many things will break and some will be repaired.

  1. The Gravedigger’s Wife directed by Khadar Ayderus Ahmed

France, Somalia, Germany, Finland | Somali

Synopsis: Guled and Nasra are a loving couple, living in the outskirts of Djibouti city with their teenage son, Mahad. However, they are facing difficult times: Nasra urgently needs an expensive surgery to treat a chronic kidney disease. Guled is already working hard as a gravedigger to make ends meet: how can they find the money to save Nasra and keep the family together?

  1. The Guest directed by Ana Mancera

Spain | Spanish

Synopsis: Alicia and Enrique are a young married couple who are somewhat distant from each other.Their relationship is threatened when Carlota, Alicia’s friend from long ago, comes visit and stays with them for a while. Enrique has to deal with a spawning sexual desire towards Carlota, consequence of her obvious seduction game.

But what he doesn’t know is that Alicia and Carlota share a secret from their past, something that will take the situation into a whole different direction.

  1. The Hotel directed by Alexandr Baluyev

Russian Federation | Russian

Synopsis: Accidentally finding themselves in a half-abandoned hotel, the happy newlyweds get acquainted not only with its strange owner, but also with each other’s unsolved secrets. Will the lovers be able to maintain a relationship after what they have heard? Earn forgiveness? And if the truth is really capable of liberating, then which of them?

  1. The Innocents directed by Eskil Vogt

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, United Kingdom | Norwegian

Synopsis: During the bright Nordic summer, a group of children reveal their dark and mysterious powers when the adults aren’t looking. In this original and gripping supernatural thriller, playtime takes a dangerous turn.

  1. The Night Belongs to Lovers directed by Julien Hilmoine

France | French

Synopsis: A meeting. Between waves and cliffs. At night. In a week, he’s getting married.

For years, she no longer believes in pleasure. They meet. They play. They talk.

They desire each other.

As a gift – unconditionally.

Like a dance – on the edge of emptiness. For one night. Only one night.

Their one night.

  1. The Odd-Job Men directed by Neus Ballús

Spain | Spanish, Catalan

Synopsis: The Odd-Job Men tells the story of a week in the life of Moha, Valero and Pep

– workers in a small plumbing and electricity company in the outskirts of Barcelona: they are the guys who enter your home and fix what’s broken. Moha, the youngest, is on a one- week trial period with the company. He is shy but does surprisingly well with customers. Moha is set to replace Pep, who is about to retire. However, Valero is not at all comfortable with Pep retiring. He doubts Moha has what it takes, or that customers will accept a Moroccan worker. Maybe six days are not enough to make somebody change, to make him overcome his prejudices. Maybe it’s not enough time to make a new friend. But it’s possibly enough to discover that we have to live together: one small step for a plumber, but a giant leap for mankind.

  1. The Preacher directed by TITO JARA

Ecuador, Colombia, Spain | Spanish

Synopsis: A cyinical swindler uses a girl who they say has visions of the Virgin Mary and whom many consider miraculous, for his economic benefit. Together witht the parents of the “Blessed one”, they will generate a business so large and lucrative that inevitably it will get out of their hands.

  1. The Red Tree directed by Joan Gómez Endara

Colombia, Panama, France | Spanish

Synopsis: When his father dies, Eliécer is left to care for the half-sister he’s never met, called Esperanza. His mission is to take the girl to the capital to find the mother who abandoned her as a baby. The decision not to take responsibility for the girl, and the fulfilment of his duty, oblige Eliécer to set out on a journey on which he will accept the company of Toño, the young boatman whose dream is to make it to the city to become a boxing champion. At the end of the road, Eliécer must decide if he wants the home and family that he and Esperanza had lost.

  1. The Restless directed by Joachim Lafosse

France, Belgium, Luxembourg | French

Synopsis: Leila and Damien are deeply in love. Despite his bipolarity , he tries to pursue his life with her, knowing he may never be able to offer her what she desires.

  1. The Seed directed by Mia Maariel Meyer

Germany | German

Synopsis: ESCAPE the HAMSTER WHEEL and YOU GET to EXHALE Rainer toils by the sweat of his brow on a building site. His first job as site manager is his muchneeded big break. Rising rents in the city have already forced him, his pregnant wife and 13- yearold daughter Doreen to move into a little house in the outskirts which needs renovating. At first, Doreen is not thrilled about her new life but then she meets her neighbour Mara, a girl whose parents are as rich as they are narrow-minded. Before long the new friends are playing with fire. Mara incites Doreen to play some nasty tricks and also entangles her in a theft. Meanwhile at work, Rainer is demoted and replaced by Jürgen, a cool pragmatist who, with only the investors’ interests in mind, ruthlessly steers the building project towards profit. When an older employee is about to be fired, Rainer stands up to his new superior and involuntarily becomes the leader of a burgeoning resistance.

  1. The Staffroom directed by Sonja Tarokić

Croatia | Croatian

Synopsis: Anamarija starts a new job as a counsellor in a school, which is a place full of petty conflicts and cliques. Initially she tries to stay out of the power games played by the headmistress, teachers and parents and just do her job with the children. But as she gets to know the system better Anamarija understands that in order to survive she has to sacrifice her integrity and play her own game in the staffroom.

  1. The Sun of that Moon directed by Setareh Eskandari

Iran | Balochi

Synopsis: In the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan, a Baloch widow named Beeban decides to keep silent and not to speak anymore. She lives in her father-in-law’s house with her son, Miran. When her childhood playmate, Hamraz, returns home, once again they begin feeling in the mood for love. But everyone tries to force her to forget all about this forbidden love…

  1. Unbalanced directed by Juan Baldana

Argentina | Spanish

Synopsis: Rodo (40), is locked up at home. Mandatory social isolation has been declared as a response to a virus infecting thousands around the world. COVID 19 doesn’t discriminate. Rodo is a lawyer that doesn’t work much. He is obsessed with the writing of a book about Silvio Gessel, a great German thinker, author of “Natural Economyâ€. He has been grappling for years with his literary piece, unable to finish it despite editorial pressure. Everything takes a turn for the worst when Rodo develops a high fever for several days. Mental confusion and incoherence start to rule his lonely existence. Despite feeling lost and unable to concentrate he persists with his writings, unaware of death’s stalking presence.

  1. What We Know directed by Jordi Núñez

Spain | Spanish

Synopsis: Carla, a young waitress, dreaming of a better life, is invited to spend an afternoon at the beach with Victor, a captivating classmate, and his peculiar friends. Between both appears an immediate attraction, which grows intensely and deeply, and that will change their lives forever.

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