30 July in Indian and World History

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30 July in Indian and World History is celebrated, observed, and remembered for various reasons. 30 July is the birth anniversary of Muttu Lakshmi Reddy, Govind Chandra Pandey, and Sonu Nigam.

30 July is also observed as the death anniversary of Bharathan.

Birth Anniversary on 30 July

30 July in Indian history is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the following personalities:

Muttu Lakshmi Reddy (30 July 1886 – 22 July 1968), an Indian female physician, social activist, and Padma Bhushan recipient. She was the first woman legislator of India. The ideas of Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi had a great influence on him. He had started many schemes for the welfare of women and children, especially in social service. Dr. Muttu Lakshmi Reddy got great fame and respect for being the first in many fields. She was the first girl to attend a boys’ school, the first woman to become a doctor, the first member of the Legislative Assembly, and the first woman to become a Deputy Speaker. In the year 1956, Dr. Muttu Lakshmi Reddy was honored with the honorary title of ‘Padma Bhushan’ by the President in recognition of his many works of service. She was Born on 30 July 1886 in India.

Govind Chandra Pandey (30 July 1923 – 22 May 2011), a well-known thinker, historian, Sanskritist, and aesthetician of the 20th century. He was an exceptional scholar of many languages ​​like Sanskrit, Hebrew, and Latin, a famous author of many books, and also a Hindi poet. Govind Chandra Pandey had expertise in ancient Indian history, culture, Buddhist philosophy, literature, historiography, and philosophy, etc. He was the author of many famous books and hundreds of research papers. He was awarded the ‘Padma Shri’ in the year 2010. Govind Chandra Pandey had also translated many poems of Rigveda into Hindi poetry. He also had a right to astrology. His treatise ‘Vedic Culture’, written to present an all-round discussion of the Vedas in later days, is also a top-level text. He was Born on 30 July 1923 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Sonu Nigam, an Indian singer, music director, and actor. He sings predominantly in Hindi and Kannada language films but has also sung in Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Nepali, Malayalam, Tulu, and other Indian languages. Nigam has launched his own music label on 30 July 2020 named ‘I Believe Music’ and “Rudhrashtakam” is the first track to release under the label. Nigam was the host of the Sa Re Ga Ma music show from 1995 until 1999 and became a household name. Nigam was a celebrity judge on the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Mega Challenge grand finale on 12 December 2009. Nigam was Born on 30 July 1973 (age 47) in Faridabad, Haryana, India.

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Death Anniversary on 30 July

30 July in Indian history is observed as the death anniversary of the following personalities:

Bharathan (14 November 1946 – 30 July 1998), an Indian filmmaker, artist, and art director. Bharathan is noted for being the founder of a new school of film making in Malayalam cinema, along with Padmarajan and K. G. George, in the 1980s, which created films that were widely received while also being critically acclaimed. Bharathan’s films were known for their realistic portrayal of rural life in Kerala. Melodrama and escapism, often an integral part of mainstream cinema in India, were usually absent in his films. His last film was ‘Churam’, which was released a year before his death. His mortal remains were brought back to his ancestral home at Wadakkanchery and cremated with full state honors. He died on 30 July 1998.

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Notable events on 30 July in Indian and World History

Some of the Notable events on 30 July in World History are mentioned below:

30 July 1511 – Giorgio Vasari – an Italian Renaissance painter and architect – was born.

30 July 1836 – The first English-language newspaper was published in Hawaii, USA.

30 July 1904 – Salvador Novo – a Mexican writer, poet, playwright, translator, television presenter – was born.

30 July 1909 – The Wright brothers built the first aircraft for the military.

30 July 1920 – Farid Shawki – an Egyptian actor, screenwriter and film producer – was born.

30 July 1920 – Marie Tharp, a pioneering geologist and oceanographer whose groundbreaking work revolutionized our understanding of the Earth’s ocean floors.

30 July 1922 – Turhan Selçuk – prolific cartoonist – was born.

30 July 1945 – Patrick Modiano, is a prominent French author, and Nobel Prize Laureate, was born.

30 July 1966 – Football’s World Cup started in 1930 and England won it for the first time.

30 July 1989 Emma Godoy, a Mexican writer, feminist, and activist, died.

30 July 2004 – Pakistani Prime Minister (nominee) Shaukat Ajit narrowly survived the suicide attack.

30 July 2006  Duygu Asena — was a Turkish journalist, best-selling author and activist for women’s rights — died.

30 July 2007 – Chinese scientists discovered rocks about five million years old in Zhengzhou.

30 July 2010 – Announced Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna for Saina Nehwal (Badminton) and Arjuna Award on 29 August to 15 players including Sunil Chhetri (Football), Jhulan Goswami (Cricket), Rajiv Tomar (Wrestling), Sandeep Singh (Hockey) Went.

30 July 2012 – 300 million people were left without electricity due to a major power grid failure in India.

30 July 2012 – 32 people died and 27 were injured when a train caught fire in Andhra Pradesh.

30 July Historical Significance

July 30th is a day marked by numerous significant events throughout history. On this day in 101 BC, the Battle of Vercellae saw the Roman army under Gaius Marius defeat the Cimbri, effectively ending the Celto-Germanic threat to Italy. In 762, the city of Baghdad was founded by the Abbasid caliph Al-Mansur, which would later become a significant center of the Islamic Golden Age. The first defenestration of Prague occurred on July 30, 1419, a pivotal event that contributed to the prolonged Hussite Wars. Additionally, on July 30, 1619, the House of Burgesses convened for the first time in Virginia, marking the beginning of representative democracy in what would become the United States. The day also saw the founding of the city of Baltimore in 1729, further emphasizing its historical importance as a day of beginnings and significant changes in the social and political fabric of societies.

Important Days of 30 July in History

Some of the Notable events on 30 July in History are mentioned below:

  • International Day of Friendship (Worldwide): A day designated by the United Nations to celebrate friendship as a fundamental human bond that can bridge communities and cultures.
  • National Cheesecake Day (United States): A day to indulge in and appreciate the rich, creamy dessert that has become a favorite in American cuisine.
  • National Father-in-Law Day (United States): Recognizing the contribution of fathers-in-law in enriching family lives.
  • National Support Public Education Day (United States): A day to acknowledge and support the role of public education in empowering individuals and shaping the future of the nation.
  • National Chili Dog Day (United States): Celebrating the popular American dish that combines chili with hot dogs, often enjoyed at summer events and gatherings.
  • Vanuatu Independence Day stands as a testament to the resilience and spirit of a nation that fought for its autonomy against colonial powers.