16 July: World Snake Day 2022 and its Significance

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World Snake Day 2022

Every year on July 16, World Snake Day raises awareness about the over 3,500 snake species that exist around the world. The purpose of World Snake Day is to raise awareness about the various species of snakes around the world. A lot of people are afraid of snakes because they seem to have a negative connotation. The snake, however, is a great creature and is essential to the ecosystem of our world.

World Snake Day: History

Snakes are one of the oldest mythological characters and have been revered throughout history. Approximately 3,458 species of snake have been recorded so far, ranging from the semi-frozen tundra of northern Canada to the steamy jungles of the equator. It is important for snakes to play a vital role in maintaining the balance of nature in each of these realms since they are highly effective predators. A fascinating aspect of snakes is that they have a prehistoric lineage, giving us an insight into a prehistoric time when reptiles ruled the earth. Many people are unaware that modern reptiles are living, breathing descendants of dinosaurs.

People are fascinated by the King Cobra, the world’s largest venomous snake, often portrayed in movies as a snake charmer coaxes it out of a basket; the Rattlesnake, that has caused countless people to suck out its poison before it’s too late; and the Reticulated Python, the world’s longest snake that strangles its prey to death.

In order to help people, gain a better understanding of snakes and the significant contributions they make to our planet, World Snake Day was established.


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World Snake Day: Significance

Deforestation, climate change, and several other factors are causing a decline in the habitats of snakes, and it is imperative that we collectively make an effort to preserve them. Every continent except Antarctica has snakes, and they live in the ocean, forests, deserts, prairies, and even among us sometimes. Among the animal’s snakes consume are insects, small rodents, and frogs. Because their lower jaw can separate from their upper jaw, snakes eat their prey whole. Large snakes have been known to eat small deer, pigs, monkeys, and even primates.

Why are some snakes endangered?

Snakes are not widely hunted, which is a good thing. However, their numbers are still declining as a result of deforestation and climate change. As a result, their habitats have deteriorated, and they have fewer prey options.


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