Top 10 Google “What is” searches across India in 2022

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Top 10 Google What is searches across India in 2022

In 2022, Google’s “What is” searches across India are sure to be buzzing with curiosity. From the latest tech terms to common questions about everyday life, people will be turning to Google for answers.

The Internet is also mushrooming and reaching people at an unexpected pace. It is reaching every nook and corner of the world. India is not untouched by the pace. Currently, 45% of India’s population has access to the internet, and the number is doubled in the last four years.  It is also expected that the pace of rising will pace up further — India may add 350 million smartphones by 2023. Thanks to the new giant JIO and spat between telecom giants which lead to cheap data with volume. Such connectivity brings transparency in people inquisitive to search and explores the subject.

I believe and you might believe that some of the top 10 most searched phrases will be related to health and technology. It’s likely that queries such as “What is coronavirus?” and “What is 5G?” would make an appearance in the list, as people look for updates on pandemic information and the latest developments in telecommunications. It’s also probable that more general questions like “What is love?”, “What is intelligence?”, or even “What is happiness?” will appear near the top due to India’s population increasingly looking beyond basic necessities towards mental well-being and self-improvement. Queries related to financial issues like “what is a loan? However, the answers are totally different. are you surprised? Have a look yourself. Here are the Top 10 Google “What is” searches across India in 2022.

Top 10 Google’s “What is” searches across India in 2022

Here are the Top 10 Google “What is” searches across India in 2022.

1) What is Agneepath Scheme
2) What is NATO
3) What is NFT
4) What is PFI
5) What is the square root of 4
6) What is surrogacy
7) What is solar eclipse
8) What is Article 370
9) What is the metaverse
10) What is myositis

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