Prime Minister Narendra Modi Receives Congratulatory Call from French President Emmanuel Macron

OV Desk

New Delhi — Prime Minister Narendra Modi today received a telephone call from His Excellency Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, marking a significant moment of international camaraderie and mutual respect.

President Macron warmly congratulated Prime Minister Modi on his historic electoral victory, extending his best wishes for Modi’s third consecutive term in office. This gesture underscores the deep bond and mutual admiration between the leaders of India and France.

Expressing his gratitude, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the robust and trusted Strategic Partnership between India and France, emphasizing that this relationship is set to achieve greater heights in the coming years. Both leaders reiterated their commitment to furthering the goals outlined in the ‘Horizon 2047′ roadmap, a visionary plan aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation across various sectors.

In a gesture of goodwill, Prime Minister Modi extended his greetings to President Macron on the historic 80th anniversary of D-Day, acknowledging the significant milestone in world history. Additionally, Modi conveyed his best wishes for the upcoming Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, expressing confidence in France’s ability to host a successful and inspiring event.

The conversation concluded with both leaders agreeing to remain in close contact, reflecting the ongoing commitment to their nations’ strategic partnership. The call exemplifies the continued cooperation and shared vision that characterizes India-France relations, promising a future of collaborative success and mutual growth.

This exchange between Prime Minister Modi and President Macron is a testament to the enduring friendship and strategic alignment between India and France, setting the stage for enhanced cooperation and shared progress in the years to come.

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