KVIC takes a decision to increase the income of workers associated with Khadi

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With the inspiration of our dynamic Prime Minister and keeping in mind the contribution of Khadi cotton-weavers, during its  694th meeting of KVIC held at Kutch, Gujarat on January 30, 2023, Khadi and Village Industries Commission under the Chairmanship of Shri Manoj Kumar, took a historic decision to increase the wages from Rs.7.50 per hank to Rs.10 per hank for income generation, which would increase the monthly income of artisans by around 33% and 10 % increase in the wages of weavers. This decision will be effective from 1 April 2023.

As we all know in order to promote Swadeshi Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been continuously appearing on national and international forums to buy Khadi and Village Industries products with the aim of giving work to the hands of the poorest of the poor and increasing their income, as a result, more income will come in the hands of our artisans.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi through his radio broadcast program “Mann Ki Baat” has appealed many times to buy khadi “, especially the youth”. As a result, there has been a record sale of Khadi products year after year. Prime Minister has appreciated every possible effort to increase the adoption of khadi and production and sales of Khadi with the motto of “Khadi for Nation, Khadi for Fashion and Khadi for Transformation” to popularize Khadi time and again.

On this occasion, KVIC Chairman Shri Manoj Kumar said that in the financial year 2021-2022, the production of Khadi and Village Industries products was 84,290 crores and the sale was 1,15,415 crores. This year on 2nd October, CP Outlet of Khadi India set a new record for Khadi sales in a single day of Rs1.34 crore. The credit for this goes to the Clarion call made by our illustrious Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to the people of the country to buy Khadi and to lakhs of artisans and Khadi workers engaged in Khadi production and sales work, who work tirelessly.

Further, he said that, with the aim of encouraging Khadi workers at the village level and increasing Khadi production, resulting in strengthening the rural economy by creating optimum employment, KVIC organized a series of KhadiSamvad in the last few months with Khadi workers, Khadi institutions and organizations working in different areas of the country. He directly interacted with them to understand their problem and to infuse new energy in them.

He said that during the ‘KhadiSamvad’, he found that the spinners and weavers of the Khadi sector have made a special contribution in increasing the production of Khadi and the demand for increasing their remuneration has been pending for decades. This demand was taken up seriously and was taken up in the 694thmeeing of KVIC where under his chairmanship a decision was taken to revise the wages by 33 percent to increase their income and to attract more countrymen towards khadi.

In consideration of this demand of Khadi workers and Khadi organizations, KVIC in its 694th meeting decided to provide maximum money in the hands of workers associated with the Khadi-Village Industries program, increase their source of income and improve their economic condition. This historic decision will help in building a strong, prosperous, and self-reliant India.

To make khadi local to global Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has revived Khadi with his appeal and his love towards Khadi during the last 9 years. As a result of which the demand for indigenous products of India including Khadi has increased by this decision, there is a wave of happiness in the Khadi sector with this decision, there will be a great incentive in the Khadi sector which will generate more and more employment.

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