Join the CCRAS National Consultative Meet on Research Priority Settings in Traditional Medicine

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The Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), an apex autonomous organization under the Ministry of Ayush, is set to organize a one-day National Consultative Meet on “Research Priority Settings in Traditional Medicine” on June 24, 2024, at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi. This significant event, held in collaboration with the WHO- SEARO (World Health Organisation-South-East Asia Regional office) and WHO-GTMC (Global Tradional Medicine Center), marks a pioneering effort in aligning traditional medicine research with global standards and priorities.

The consultative meet, a first of its kind, will bring together representatives from diverse domains of Traditional Medicine (TM) in India, including policymakers, academic institutions, researchers, patients, and industry stakeholders. The aim is to identify and prioritize key research areas across various traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and Homeopathy. This initiative is in accordance with the WHO mandate in TM, as reported by Vaidya Rabinarayan Acharya, Director General, CCRAS.

Recently, the National Institute of Indian Medical Heritage (NIIMH), a peripheral institute of CCRAS in Hyderabad, has been designated as a WHO Collaborating Center for “Fundamental and Literary Research in Traditional Medicine” (WHOCC IND-177). This designation underscores the importance of the upcoming Research Priority Setting exercise, which will chart a research roadmap for the next decade. The objective is to ensure effective utilization of funds and address critical areas of need within traditional medicine, thereby supporting its global acceptance and integration.

Under the leadership of Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of Ayush, and Prof. (Vaidya) Rabinarayan Acharya, the CCRAS has embarked on this vital process to prioritize research areas in traditional medicine. The meet will feature participation from traditional medicine representatives across the country, including Advisors and Joint secretaries of the Ministry of Ayush, representatives from NITI Aayog, Director Generals of all five Ayush research councils, Chairman and president of National Commissions(NCISM & NCH), Vice-chancellors of Ayush/Ayurveda Universities, Directors of National Institutes under ministry of Ayush, representative from PHFI, RIS-FITM, CSIR, BIS, ICMR, WHO, Ayush pharmaceutical industries, Ethnopharmacology from TDU and other organizations.

Key topics to be addressed include medicinal plant research, quality, safety, and efficacy studies, pre-clinical validations, rational use of traditional medicines, clinical trial monitoring, medical anthropology, and the digitalization of ancient medical literature. Approximately 100 stakeholders/ experts from Ayush sector will participate, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive dialogue.

This one-day national consultative meet aims to lay the groundwork for a decade-long research strategy in traditional medicine, fostering the exchange of ideas among stakeholders and aligning efforts with WHO guidelines. This collaborative approach is expected to significantly contribute to the advancement and integration of traditional medicine practices globally.

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