International Civil Aviation Day and its Significance

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International Civil Aviation Day is observed every year 0n 7 December. It is observed to enhance awareness about the importance of international civil aviation to the social and economic development of nations. It is also aimed to appreciate the role of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in helping countries to cooperate and realize a truly global rapid transit network at the service of all humankind.

Secretary-General António Guterres conveyed following message:

Aviation is an important engine of our world and will be play a critical role in lifting the world to recovery from COVID-19. Let us ensure it receives the support it needs to keep the world’s nations connected and united.

Theme of International Civil Aviation Day 2021

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has decided that from now until 2023, the theme will be: “Advancing Innovation for Global Aviation Development”.

Quick facts about Civil Aviation Industry

Here are quick facts about air transport and Civil aviation Industry. The study is carried out Air Transport Action Group (ATAG).

  • The global Air Transport sector supports 65.5 million jobs and USD 2.7 trillion in global economic activity,
  • Over 10 million women and men working within the industry to ensure 120,000 flights and 12 million passengers a day are carried safely to their destinations,
  •  At least 65.5 million jobs and 3.6 per cent of global economic activity are supported by the aviation industry.
History of International Civil Aviation Day

At the invitation of the United States of America, delegates from 54 nations met in the Grand Ballroom of the Stevens Hotel in Chicago in 1944. It was at this event that the participants signed the Convention on International Civil Aviation, also known as the Chicago Convention, the defining agreement that has allowed global aviation to develop peacefully and in a way that benefits all nations and peoples. The Day was established in 1994 as part of ICAO’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

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According to ICAO initiative and with the help of the Canadian Government, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution A/RES/51/33 in 1996, officially recognizing 7 December as International Civil Aviation Day in the UN system. The document recalled “that the preamble to the Convention states that the future development of international civil aviation can greatly help to create and preserve friendship and understanding among the nations and peoples of the world.” Further, the General Assembly urged Governments as well as relevant national, regional, international, and intergovernmental organizations to take appropriate steps to observe the Day.

On 7 December, India also observes Flag Day or Armed Forces Flag Day. It is a day dedicated to the collection of funds from the people of India for the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces personnel. Simultaneously, on Flag Day various organizations honoured the soldiers and airmen, and sailors across India.