Indian Coast Guard Seizes Vessel Smuggling Illicit Diesel Off Mumbai Coast

OV Desk

Mumbai, May 13, 2024 — In a decisive action against maritime smuggling, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) apprehended the fishing vessel Aai Tuljai, suspected of diesel smuggling, approximately 27 nautical miles southwest of Mumbai on May 12, 2024. The operation involved an ICG Fast Patrol Vessel and an Interceptor Boat, which intercepted the vessel with four crew members on board.

Upon a thorough search of the Aai Tuljai, authorities discovered a substantial cache of around 30,000 litres of illicit diesel concealed within the fish holds. The seized diesel is valued at approximately Rs 30 lakh. Additionally, ICG personnel confiscated Rs 1.75 lakh in unaccounted cash from the vessel.

Interrogation of the detained crew revealed that they intended to sell the illegal diesel to unsuspecting fishermen in the region. This operation highlights the ongoing challenges and dangers posed by maritime smuggling activities along India’s coastline.

The apprehended vessel was escorted by the ICG Interceptor Boat to Mumbai harbour, where it was handed over to the Department of Customs for further investigation and legal action. Multiple Coastal Security Agencies, including the Police, Fisheries Department, and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, have been engaged to ensure a thorough and coordinated response to this maritime threat.

This successful operation underscores the Indian Coast Guard’s commitment to safeguarding the nation’s maritime borders and preventing illegal activities that threaten the security and economic stability of the region.

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