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On 31 March 2023, Google celebrated Juntree Siriboonrod ‘s 106th Birthday with a doodle. Juntree Siriboonrod (31 March 1917 – 13 March 1968) was a Thai novelist. He is regarded as the “father of Thai science fiction”.

Life and Career

Juntree Siriboonrod was born on 31 March 1917 in Thailand. His early childhood is not well known.

He began his career as a civil servant in the Department of Ministry Fuels of the Thai government. Siriboonrod began writing science-related articles and stories after gaining employment as a high school science teacher.

In 1945, Siriboonrod collaborated with the Science Society of Thailand to produce Witthayasat Mahatsachan, a Thai science magazine. In 1959, he resigned from his position as a writer of science fiction and biographies of scientists. During this time, he published Phu Dap Duang Athit, or The Man Who Put Out the Sun, a collection of fantastical, science-fiction short stories that is still celebrated across Thailand today.

He died on 13 March 1968

Award and Legacy

Juntree Siriboonrod’s literary contributions have earned him numerous awards and honors, as well as a lasting legacy.

In 2005, the Science Society of Thailand and the Science Writers and Publishers Forum established the Juntree Siriboonrod Award in his honor. The award celebrates achievements in the field of Thai science fiction and serves as a reminder of Siriboonrod’s literary impact.

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