Factual Information about Constable/ RPF Mr. Chetan Singh involved in shoot-out in Jaipur-Mumbai Central Express

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Some sections of the media reported that Officer / RPF Chetan Singh, who killed his senior and three other passengers at Jaipur Mumbai Central SF Express on Monday (31.7.23) was suffering from ‘abnormal hallucinations’ and was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder.

In this respect, it is claimed that there is a system of Periodic Medical Examination (PME) of Railway Protection Force constables and no such disease/medical condition was detected in the last PME. The treatment for the present medical ailment was allegedly taken personally by Chetan Singh and is not in the official records of him. He and his family kept it a secret. The matter is under investigation with GRP Borivali.


On 31.07.2023 at approximately 05:23 am, while on duty, RPF CT/Chetan Singh of RPF/Parel (Workshop) Train Escort Staff (Workshop) allegedly shot his manager ASI/Tika Ram Meena of RPF/Post, Dadar using his Service ARM Rifle (AK-47) while serving in Car B-5 of Train No. 12956 Jaipur-Mumbai Ex Vaitarna Railway Station. Additionally, in this incident, 3 passengers were also reportedly killed by the attacker.

CT/Chetan Singh was arrested by RPF Post officers and staff, Bhayandar and handed over to local police/Borivali for further legal action. In light of the above, a high-level committee led by the ADG/RPF (HAG) has been formed to conduct a full investigation into the incident.




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