Equilibrium between ecology, environment, and development is important: Gadkari

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Industrial Decarbonization Summit 2022

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Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari has emphasized on maintaining equilibrium between ecology, environment and development. Inaugurating ‘Industrial Decarbonization Summit 2022’ (IDS-2022) – Road Map for Carbon Neutrality by 2070 he said to overcome power shortage, it is essential to develop alternative fuels.  He said eccentric one sided approach in these issues is not beneficial for the country.

World Environment Day

Shri Gadkari said in the coming days, we have to strengthen our economy and at the same time save the environment.  He said our priority is green hydrogen, by using Biotechnology we can increase the productivity of Biomass and by using Biomass we can make Bio-ethanol, Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG.  He said pollution will decrease by usage of methanol and ethanol. The Minister said that a focused road map should be created, and adequate research must be done so that we reduce our imports and increase exports.

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