The Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals continues its efforts to integrate Swachhta activities and resolve public complaints and matters of public interest under its jurisdiction raised by various Members of Parliament.

As part of the Special Campaign 2.0 organized in October 2022, the Department and its organizations undertook clean-up drives at 164 sites spread across the country. The campaign also covered diverse and strategic public places, thus further spreading the message of swachhta to the general public beyond office buildings and campuses.

Subsequently, in the period between November 2022 and August 2023, the Department resolved 98% of public complaints within a period of 6 months, and that too without any appeal against the initial response.

The department reviewed and disposed of its library of 4846 books purchased more than 10 years ago through open tender and the freed space was renewed in December 2022, resulting in 305 square feet of space being reclaimed for alternative use

For the next Special Campaign 3.0, to be undertaken in October 2023, the Department has identified the review of electronic files as a priority.



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