Continuing its commitment to promoting cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace, the Department of Defense (DoD) organized a total of 655 cleaning campaigns across the country, from January 2023 to August 2023. These campaigns have significantly contributed to improving workplace experience, space management and healthy working atmosphere, while also generating revenue.

During this time, 53,698 square feet of space was freed as a result of these dedicated efforts. Disposal of waste material from these messy spaces also generated a revenue of Rs 76.92 lakh, in compliance with the scrappage policy. As part of these campaigns, various activities such as elimination of redundant files, disposal of waste materials, external and internal cleaning initiatives have been undertaken in all attached and subordinate offices including DGDE, DGAFMS, DGBR, CGDA and CSD who participated with full vigor.

The Department of Defense was one of the best performers in the Special Campaign Swachhata 2.0 undertaken in October last year, covering a total of 5922 remote station sites. In recent years, the practice of Swachhata has moved beyond an annual exercise and has become an integral part of the daily functioning of the Department of Defense. This underlines the Department’s commitment towards institutionalizing Swachhata as a workplace habit, with particular attention to promoting a cleaner and tidier workplace, optimal use of resources and disposal of outstanding matters.

As recognized last year by the Raksha Mantri, the cleanliness drive initiated by Mahatma Gandhi has evolved into a national movement under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, transcending geographical boundaries and permeating every corner of our country.



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