World Malaria Day 2022 and its Significance

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World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day is observed every year on 25 April. It is observed across the globe to aims to raise awareness about Malaria and invite attention of people and government to eliminate this preventable disease.

In order to improve awareness in the society about disease, WHO observes numerous day which are primarily related to elimination of cause of the disease. World Aids Day is observed every year on 1 December.

Theme of World Malaria Day 2022

World Malaria Day 2022 will be marked under the theme “Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives.” WHO observes that no single tool that is available today will solve the problem of malaria? As a result, WHO is calling for investments and innovation that bring new vector control approaches, diagnostics, antimalarial medicines and other tools to speed the pace of progress against malaria.

World Heart Day

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Quick Facts about Malaria

Here are quick facts about malaria as detailed on the WHO:

  • According to WHO’s latest World malaria report, there were an estimated 241 million malaria cases and 627 000 malaria deaths worldwide.
  • This represents about 14 million more cases compared to the previous year, and 69 000 more deaths. Approximately two-thirds of the additional deaths (47 000) were linked to disruptions in the provision of malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In 2020, the South-East Asia Region had nine malaria-endemic countries that contributed to about 2% of the burden of malaria globally. Most cases in the region were concentrated in India (83%).

World’s first mass malaria vaccine rollout could prevent thousands of children dying

History of World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day was established in May 2007 by the 60th session of the World Health Assembly, WHO’s decision-making body. The day was established to provide “education and understanding of malaria” and spread information on “year-long intensified implementation of national malaria-control strategies, including community-based activities for malaria prevention and treatment in endemic areas.”

Prior to the establishment of WMD, Africa Malaria Day was held on April 25. Africa Malaria Day began in 2001, one year after the historic Abuja Declaration was signed by 44 malaria-endemic countries at the African Summit on Malaria.

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