UIDAI enables ‘Head of Family’ based online address update in Aadhaar

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The unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) provides a resident-friendly option for updating addresses in Aadhaar online with the consent of the Head of the Family.

Children, spouses, parents, etc., who don’t have supporting documents in their own name to update their Aadhaar address will really benefit from the HoF-based online address update.

It can be done by submitting a Proof of Relationship document like a Ration Card, Mark Sheet, Marriage Certificate, Passport, etc. mentioning the name of both the applicant and the HOF and the relationship between them. Where even the Proof of Relationship isn’t available, UIDAI allows the resident to self-declare in the format prescribed by UIDAI.

People move to cities and towns for various reasons within the country, so such a facility would be useful for millions. In addition to the existing address update facility, you can use any valid proof of address document prescribed by UIDAI.  For this purpose, anyone over 18 can be a HOF and can share their address with their relatives.

During online address updates on the ‘My Aadhaar’ portal (https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in), a resident can choose this option. After that, the resident can enter the HOF’s Aadhaar number, which will only be validated. To keep HOF’s privacy, no other information about their Aadhaar will be shown.

After the Aadhaar number is validated, the resident will have to upload Proof of Relationship.

Residents have to pay Rs. 50/- for the service. Once the payment is made, the resident will get a service request number (SRN) and an SMS will go to the HOF. Within 30 days of receiving the notification, the HOF must approve the request and give his/her consent by logging into My Aadhaar.

Within 30 days of SRN creation, if the HOF doesn’t accept or decline, the request would be closed. Residents who use this option to update their address will get a text telling them the request has been closed. If the request is closed or rejected due to nonacceptance of the HOF or if it is rejected during the process, the applicant will not receive any refunds.

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