The National Mission for Mentoring (NMM), as set out in the NEP 2020, is about creating a large pool of outstanding professionals willing to provide mentorship to school teachers and ensure their continuing professional development. These potential mentors, regardless of the age or position of the mentor and mentee, will contribute to the realization of 21st our nation’s century development goals. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) launched NMM in pilot mode on the 29thth July 2022 at 30 selected middle schools (15 KV, 10 JNV, 5 CBSE) across the country.

For effective NMM implementation, NCTE conducts a 2-day capacity building workshop for 60 out of 31 mentorsst May and 1st June 2023 in order to provide quality professional support to teachers together with essential mentoring skills and techniques. Prof. Yogesh Singh, Chairman, NCTE graced the 2 day seminar as the main guest and addressed to the dignitaries and mentors present. hWe have also launched the NMM web portal attended by Ms. Kesang Y. Sherpa, Member Secretary, NCTE to facilitate mentoring sessions using synchronous and asynchronous methods. This portal will act as an interface for conducting successful and effective mentoring sessions for teachers, facilitated by trust, discovery and constructive feedback.


NCTE has hired 60 outstanding professionals from various industries to mentor NMM in areas such as Instructional Leadership Skills, Digital Education, Social-Emotional Learning, Inclusive Education, Professionalism and Ethics, Classroom Management, 21st Century Skill Building, Skills interpersonal/community engagement, action research, holistic assessment, arts-integrated pedagogy, teachers’ mental health management, etc.

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