The Bombay state was a large state at the time of Indian Independence in 1947. At that point in time, the state includes present-day Indian state of Maharashtra, excluding South Maharashtra and Vidarbha, princely states of Baroda, Western India and Gujarat (the present-day Indian state of Gujarat) and the Deccan States (which included parts of the present-day Indian states of Maharashtra and Karnataka).

The state was reorganised on 1 November 1956 under the States Reorganisation Act on linguistic lines, absorbing various territories including the Saurashtra and Kutch States, which ceased to exist. Later, on 1 May 1960, Bombay State was dissolved and split into the two states of Gujarat, with Gujarati speaking population and Maharashtra, with Marathi speaking population. It was separated based on linguistic lines.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has conveyed his greetings on Statehood Day of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

In a tweet, The Prime Minister said:

“Today, Gujarat and Maharashtra mark their Statehood Days. Both states are home to outstanding people, who have made landmark contributions to national growth. May these states fight COVID-19 successfully and may the people of these states be blessed with good health.”

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