Shri Dharmendra Pradhan launches AI for India 2.0

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Dharmendra Pradhan


Union Minister for Education, Skills Development, and Entrepreneurship Shri Dharmendra Pradhan launched AI for India 2.0, a free online training program on Artificial Intelligence, today on World Youth Skills Day. A joint initiative of Skill India and GUVI, this NCVET and IIT Madras accredited online program will equip young people with frontier skills.

Speaking at the occasion, Shri Pradhan said that technology should not be a prisoner of language and called for technology courses in multiple Indian languages. He added that this is a good start to dismantling the language barrier in tech education and future-proofing our Yuva Shakti, especially those in rural areas.

He added that India is a tech-savvy country and the success story of adopting digital payments in India is a case in point. He expressed satisfaction that GUVI has taken this initiative to educate the lower part of the population in cutting-edge technologies.

Shri Pradhan warmly congratulated the new initiative, predicting easy accessibility of AI learning in every part of the nation.

GUVI, a startup incubated by IIT Madras, is a technology platform that enables technology learning in vernacular languages. This program has been edited in 9 Indian languages.

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