President inaugurates New Darbar Hall at Raj Bhavan, Mumbai

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Today  the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, inaugurated the new Darbar Hall at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai.

The President congratulated the people and government of Maharashtra on the inauguration of the new Darbar Hall. He said there’s definitely something special about the people and the land of Maharashtra that keeps him coming back. In the last four and a half years, he’s been to Maharashtra about 12 times.

Maharashtra is a land of spirituality and brave resistance against injustice, said the President. It’s also the land of patriots and God’s devotees. The state of Maharashtra is a major cultural and economic hub in India. The state is blessed with talent and natural beauty. Maharashtrians are known for their hospitality. As a result of such uniqueness, not just he, but countless people from India and abroad are drawn to visit Maharashtra. However, during his visit, he feels empty. Last week, we lost Lata Didi. People like her only come along once in a century. Lataji’s music will always enchant music lovers. People will remember her for her simplicity and gentle nature.

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In noting that the Darbar Hall was built keeping the heritage building’s features intact, the President said that it is prudent to choose modernity that is in sync with the times while keeping the traditions alive. He congratulated the Maharashtra governor and the government for building the Darbar Hall.

Transparency is the most significant aspect of good governance in a democracy, according to the President. A modern Darbar promotes transparency. Getting in touch with people through the Janta Darbar is becoming more popular. Therefore, this Darbar Hall, in a new context, is a symbol of our new India, our new Maharashtra, and our vibrant democracy.

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