Practical Ways to Impress Someone

Saurav Singh
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In this article, you’ll get to know the 5 easy ways to Impress Someone. So, you have only some seconds to make that killer first impression. After conducting research and through practical experiences, I bring to you 5 tips that you can apply and impress anyone you want.

Personality and Aura

Aura is the energy that we can feel from a person. Has this ever happened to you? That you attended a party, and you met a lot of people. But the vibe of only some people matched your own vibe. There is a reason behind this. When your aura is negative, then your first impression can be negative, too. Your aura is a major part of your personality. And it is very important for you to vibe with the other person. Always keep your aura positive and happy. This will make People feel like approaching you first and they will initiate the conversation. Appearance doesn’t mean that you have to use expensive or designer things. You can look good even in your normal clothes. If you know which type of clothes suit you and in which clothes you feel confident, then just this is enough to make a good first impression in front of the other person. Steve Jobs, the founder of the apple company, even after becoming so rich, he used to wear his typical turtlenecks. Because it used to suit him and he felt confident. Always wear clothes that make you feel stylish and comfortable. Your comfort is the most important. If you’re not comfortable, then your body language may be restricted. and the other person might get a confused and negative vibe.

Colors Selection


According to scientific studies, colors trigger your emotions. Whether it’s your first job interview or your first date. Colors make a huge difference in your first impression. For example, if the red color suits you and you’re going on your first date then you should definitely wear red. But if you’re going on a job interview, then stick to subtle colors as they make a better first impression.

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     Body language

Body Language plays a major role in making a good Impression. Whether you meet someone in real life or behind the scenes, your body language says a lot about you.

hand shakeAccording to scientific research, with a slight smile, medium hand expressions, and straight body language, you can make a memorable first impression in a casual or professional environment. Handshake is a very important factor, too. If you have a weak handshake, then it feels like you’re not confident or you’re uninterested in talking. Another important thing that people forget is ‘Eye Contact’. You might’ve noticed that when you’re talking to someone, and they start seeing here and there then you feel like they are not interested in talking to you. Whenever you are talking to someone, maintain good eye contact and this is very important. Balanced eye contact is very important.


Conversation plays a very important role in making a good Impression. Suppose, If you’re already talking to someone, and you’ve developed a good feeling, but you blurt out something weird or wrong. Due to this, your whole first impression may go wrong. Your impression will be bad lifelong because of that one mistake. Whoever you’re talking to charm them, make them feel special, so that they remember you throughout their life. If you want to show somebody that you’re enthusiastic and excited to meet them, taking the initiative is very necessary. Talk to them and set up a time, set up a place so that they feel that you care about the details.

Imagine, you’re meeting someone for the first time, and you start expressing your strong political opinions and they don’t agree with it. Then this can make your vibe very negative. That is why, when you’re meeting someone for the first time, it’s better to avoid topics like religion and politics. Just the way it’s important to talk and have a conversation, it’s just as important to listen. “85% of what we have learned is through listening” If someone asks you a question then listen to it carefully and give a short and accurate answer to it. You don’t have to tell them a story. Whether you’re in a professional environment or casual, whoever you meet, leave them with a good smile, and tell them that you felt really good after meeting them.

Confidence and Speaking Abilities

 Studies show that firmness in your voice shows confidence. Your voice can make your personality very interesting. Many studies prove that your voice is an instrument. And you should know how to use it in the right way. When you breathe from your diaphragm or your stomach then through this your voice can be deep and you can also make your voice more vocal. It often happens that you start saying many things at a time. This should never happen. Don’t speak too fast and make sure that you’re understood clearly. If your voice has an extra firmness, then you may sound overconfident which can be a very huge turnoff. Modesty is very important. Lastly, remember all these points. Don’t overthink it. Just be yourself and go make that killer impression.

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“Almost Everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting Impression”

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