Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi visited Odisha and reviewed the ongoing rescue and rescue operations after the tragic train crash in Balasore. The Prime Minister visited the site of the train accident and the hospital where the injured are being treated.

The prime minister said people from various states traveling on the trains were affected by this monumental tragedy. Speaking about the tragic loss of life, the Prime Minister said no stone would be left unturned to provide all possible medical assistance to the injured. He said the government is standing by bereaved family members who have lost loved ones.

The prime minister said instructions had been given to ensure a proper and expeditious investigation into the tragedy and to take prompt and rigorous action against the culprits. He praised the efforts of the Odisha government, local administration and local people, especially the youth, who have been working through the night to support the ongoing efforts. He also praised the local citizens who came out in large numbers to donate blood to help the injured. He said the railways are working to provide relief and relief, as well as to ensure the tracks can be restored quickly. Interacting with local authorities, disaster relief force personnel and railway officials, the prime minister underlined the whole-of-government approach to mitigating the tragedy.

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