PM remembers former PM Shri Morarjibhai Desai

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has remembered former Prime Minister, Shri Morarjibhai Desai.

In a tweet, the Prime Minister said, “Remembering our former PM Shri Morarjibhai Desai. In his long years of public service, he worked tirelessly for India’s development. He was known for his impeccable integrity and unwavering commitment to democracy.”

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Shri Morarjibhai Desai  (29 February 1896 – 10 April 1995), an Indian independence activist who served as 4th Prime Minister of India between 1977 and 1979. He was affiliated with Janata Party. During his long career in politics, he held many important posts in government such as Chief Minister of Bombay State, Home Minister, Finance Minister and 2nd Deputy Prime Minister of India. He is the oldest person to hold the office of the prime minister, at the age of 81, in the history of Indian politics. He was conferred with India’s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna. He died on 10 April 1995, at the age of 99.

Morarji Desai was born on 29 February 1896 in Bhadeli, British India.