PM praises “Vitasta-The Festival of Kashmir” programme showcasing rich culture, arts and crafts of Kashmir

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The Chief Minister, Shri Narendra Modi praised the wonderful initiative ‘Vitasta-The Festival of Kashmir’ which showcases the rich culture, arts and crafts of Kashmir.

The Vitasta program has been organized to bring the rich Kashmiri art, culture, literature, handicrafts and cuisine across the country.

The series of these programs started from Chennai and concluded in Srinagar, where the youths showed enthusiasm in learning about Kashmiri culture. Many events like workshops, installation art camps, seminars, handicraft exhibitions were organized to bring Kashmiri culture to the masses, where people participated and got acquainted with Kashmiri culture.

In response to Amrit Mahotsav’s tweet threads on the Vitasta programme, the PM tweeted;

“Congratulations on this wonderful initiative. After many years, ‘Vitasta – Kashmir Festival’ has not only given people across the country an opportunity to experience the rich culture and heritage of the state, but this event is also a great effort to unite the countrymen.”



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