National Award Winner Nemil Shah Shares Filmmaking Secrets at 18th MIFF

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“Human life is nothing but an intriguing game, an enigma filled with emotions and events. Let’s embrace and explore it to create something unique and appealing,” stated Director Nemil Shah at a masterclass held alongside the 18th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) today. The young filmmaker emphasized the profound importance of understanding one’s creation fully. “As a creator, you need to understand and realize your creation to the fullest before you can proceed,” he asserted, urging filmmakers to delve deeply into their artistic processes.

Director Nemil Shah underscored the critical role of sound in short filmmaking. He encouraged filmmakers to focus on the auditory aspects of their work, highlighting its significance in enhancing the overall impact of a film. “Hear yourself, be aware of the sound around you. Creating sound for a short film is an art,” he added.

Speaking on the art of short filmmaking, the National Award-winning director urged filmmakers to create films that resonate in their hearts, without being constrained by limitations such as space, time, logistics, and audience. “Create passionate films for yourself; they will find their destiny eventually. Focus more on creative elements rather than non-creative issues,” he asserted.

Nemil Shah

Highlighting the hindrances like funding and logistics, Nemil said that excellent short films can be made even with minimum resources and budget. “With the technological advancements, these days one can make a very good short film with a mobile and few minimum accessories and lens”, he opined.

While focusing on proper planning and constant perseverance, Nemil Shah advised filmmakers not to treat short film as a Gateway to feature film or a constrained art form. “Just portray your observation of life and society in your way through your art. Go with proper planning and keep on trying”, he suggested.

About Nemil Shah

Nemil Shah is an artist from Jamnagar, India, who mainly works in the realms of films and video installation. His debut short film- “Dal Bhat”, won various accolades including the National Film Award and was also an official entry to the Oscars. In 2023, he created a video- odour film installation- “9-3” in the Amazon Rainforest, Peru, which recently premiered with the works of artists like Apichatpong Weerasethakul. He recently finished a Super 8mm film, which is a part of the Thailand Biennale, 2024. Seven to seven, his first feature film will soon commence its production. Nemil being 24 year old is the youngest Master Class Speaker of 18th MIFF 2024.

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